Air France Check-In Policy



Air France lets people check in 48 hours before their flight is supposed to leave. At check-in, passengers can simply choose a seat, order one of the current Air France meal choices, and take advantage of the last-minute Air France upgrade. Also, all passengers still have to check in with Air France at the airport so that the airline can check their trip documents and give them a boarding pass.

Here’s how a passenger goes through the foreign check-in process at Air France:

    • Passengers must wear a mask to the airport and bring any other PPE that is needed at the airport where they are going.
    • Air France limits hand luggage to a laptop, hand luggage, a small briefcase, and other important baby items. This is to cut down on human contact and improve safety. Everything else needs to be checked in at the airport. People need to give themselves more time to get to and from the airport.
      • 3 Hours: As people will arrive at the airport at least three hours before their flight,
      • 60 Minutes: Passengers can go through security checks up to 60 minutes before their flight is supposed to leave.
  • 45 Minutes: Air France starts boarding 45 minutes before the flight is supposed to leave, and the gate stops 20 minutes before the flight is supposed to leave.

Check-In Process

Follow the Air France fast check-in times listed below to figure out how to check-in:

People should get to the airport at least 2 hours before their flight is supposed to leave so they can drop off their bags and go through security checks without any problems. On their boarding pass, passengers will also find the recommended time of arrival, which is based on their particular flight.

Check-In Time

The time limit for check-in varies on whether the passenger is going straight to their final destination or making a stopover. Here are some ways to figure out when the last day to check in for your flight with Air France is:

  • 180 minutes before scheduled departure if traveling with any checked luggage
  • 60 minutes before the scheduled departure
  • 1 hour prior to the scheduled departure for flights within Canada

Boarding Pass

Keeping in mind the boarding limit, this is the time after which it is no longer possible to get on the plane:

  • 15 minutes before the planned time of departure between Paris Orly and the rest of metropolitan France.
  • 20 minutes before the scheduled leaving time for all places outside of France.

Methods for Check-In

Passengers can save time by using Air France web check-in starting from 30 minutes before their scheduled flight departure. They can also request seat selection during check-in and receive their Air France online boarding pass. Boarding the aircraft is necessary.

Please be aware that for all Air France flights, you can check in 24 hours before your scheduled departure time for Delta flights leaving from the United States. The same rules apply to Air France flights that leave from its main hubs at Atlanta International Airport (ATL) and Detroit International Airport (DTW).

Here are the options for passengers to check in for their Air France-operated flights:

  • Online Check-in (Web check-in or mobile app check-in)
  • Airport check-in (Kiosk or counter check-in)
  • Air France Check-in over the phone

Online Method

Passengers have two options for checking in with Air France: they can use the Air France portal or the Air France mobile app. Here are the step-by-step methods for completing the Air France online check-in:

App Check-In

Travel with Air France today! Since users of the mobile app can complete Air France mobile check-in requests

For domestic flights, Air France app check-in by mobile is available 48 hours before departure and ends 1 hour before departure.

For international flights, the Air France app check-in window opens 48 hours before departure and concludes two hours before departure.

Restriction for App Check-In

  • Infants and unaccompanied minors traveling with Air France
  • If patrons require any special services, such as wheelchairs or seats with more legroom
  • For travelers who experience hearing and vision impairment
  • For tickets with a reduced or combined rate offered by an agent, enhanced flight vouchers, and tickets for Air France employees
  • Airport payee verification necessary for international credit/debit cards
  • For a group booking that includes more than 9 passengers

Domestic and International Travel Check-In

  • Any pre-existing seat reservation made through Air France mobile check-in cannot be canceled.
  • It is advised for customers with check-in luggage to arrive at the Air France Baggage Drop counter at least 60 minutes before the departure time. Passengers must validate their bags while presenting a photo ID.
  • A valid ID must be shown by passengers at the boarding gate at least 20 minutes before the departure time.
  • Air France does not provide coverage for any of the additional legroom or emergency exit seats.
  • For both security clearance and boarding, a physical boarding permit must be presented. By presenting a legitimate picture ID at least 45 minutes before the scheduled departure, passengers may pick up a paper copy of their Air France boarding pass.

The process to Complete Check-In With App

  • Check-in with Air France by getting the app from the Google PlayStore.
  • Use the six-digit ticket reference or the Air France Rapid Rewards number to sign in as a guest.
  • Tap “Check in” to move forward. Choose the person or people who need to be checked in for the Air France trip.
  • Fill out the seat-choosing form. Also, passengers must compete to declare their health status online by sending the COVID-19 vaccine certificate online.
  • The Air France online boarding pass can be printed right away, or the digital boarding pass can be saved on an Android or iOS device.

Air France Web Check-in

Passengers can check in online through the Air France desktop site. To do so, they just need to follow these simple steps:

  • Go to and click on the tab that says “Check In” to move forward.
  • Enter the passenger’s last name and the six-digit booking number to start the Air France web check-in request.
  • Choose the people who have to be checked in. If the target point needs it, Air France may ask you for Secure Flight Passenger Details (SFPD).
  • Passengers must do an online check-in and choose their seats, and each person will be given an e-boarding pass.
  • Passengers can either print their online Air France boarding pass right away or send it to themselves and save it for their next trip.

Airport check-in (Kiosk or Counter Check-in)

Air France Check-In at the Airport Kiosk: Passengers can check in at the airport on the day of their planned departure until the limit given in their flight booking details.

At the airport, people can use Air France hop check-in machines to check in and print their boarding passes. All they have to do is enter the ticket reference, choose the seats, and print the Air France hop check-in boarding pass.

Passengers can also change or cancel their plans at the Air France KLM check-in kiosks, and they can also buy travel necessities from Air France. Here’s how to use the Air France check-in device to check-in:

Air France’s early check-in kiosks are an easy way for people to check-in. These kiosks are at airports where Air France has both its main and secondary hubs. At the check-in kiosk, people will be able to choose their places and get their boarding pass. The Air France booth check-in is open 24 hours a day until one hour before the flight leaves.

Air France check-in kiosks are a quick and easy way for travelers to check-in. These kiosks are found at airports where Air France has both its main and secondary hubs. At the check-in kiosk, people will be able to choose their places and get their boarding pass. The Air France booth check-in is open 24 hours a day until one hour before the flight leaves. Just do the following:

  • Enter the Air France ticket number and the passenger’s last name.
  • Now, choose the seat you want on your next Air France trip.
  • You have to agree to the rules set up for the dangerous things and restricted items.
  • Get your Air France boarding pass and go to the security area to start the boarding process.

Check-In Over the Phone

Passengers can just call the Air France customer service number and ask to check in for their trip. Here’s how to check in for an Air France trip over the phone, step by step:

  • While you’re talking to the Air France flight executive, give them the name of the passenger who needs to make an Air France check-in request and the ticket confirmation number.
  • Air France’s policy for express check-in says that passengers must check-in for their flights up to two hours before they are due to leave.
  • You can also ask for special services like seats in the Exit Row, seats with extra space, a wheelchair, a special meal, and much more when you fill out the seat selection form.
  • You can ask for your Air France boarding pass right away at the email address you used to sign up. You can either print it right away or save it to print later.


In conclusion, Air France offers various check-in methods, including online, kiosk, and phone check-in, ensuring passenger convenience. Adhering to safety guidelines and luggage restrictions is vital for a smooth experience. Air France’s efficient process prioritizes passenger comfort and ease of travel.

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