Malaysia Airlines Flight Change Policy

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malaysia airlines Flight Change Policy

Are you concerned about changing the date of your flight with Malaysia Airlines? Don’t worry. This guide will provide detailed information about Malaysia Airlines’ flight change policy. It aims to help you have a stress-free flying experience, save money, and create lasting memories.

About Malaysia Airlines Change Flight Date Policy

  • If you bought your ticket from a website that Malaysia Airlines doesn’t authorize, you can’t use their official procedure to change your flight. To request changes, they should directly contact the agent.
  • To change a Malaysia Airlines flight, passengers need to request modifications at least 12 hours before the departure time. If you make changes to your ticket on the day of your departure, you will need to get a new ticket and pay the Malaysia Airlines fee for changing the date. We will calculate the fee once we have evaluated Malaysia Airlines’ policy for changing flight dates.
  • Passengers have the option to change their flight dates for free in specific situations such as bad weather, the loss of a loved one, and natural disasters, among other circumstances. To change your flight date for free, you need to provide supporting documents.
  • If Malaysia Airlines changes the departure and arrival dates of your original flight, you won’t have to pay any change fees, as per their policy.
  • If you purchase a customizable ticket directly from Malaysia Airlines, you can change your flight without having to pay a change fee. This option is not available if you buy your ticket from a third-party travel agency.

Malaysia Airlines Name Change Policy

  • If Malaysia Airlines cancels or changes your flight, you won’t have to pay a fee to modify your name according to Malaysia Airlines Name Policy.
  • You don’t have to pay any fees if you make changes on the official platform or within a safe period of time. If you want to change the family name of a passenger, Malaysia Airlines will charge you the full ticket value as a change fee according to their flight change name policy.
  • According to Malaysia Airlines’ policy, if you book your flight through an unofficial platform, you cannot change the passenger’s name.
  • If a passenger wants to change their family name, they will need to pay the full ticket value as Malaysia Airlines flight change fees.

Flight Change Fee and Charges

  • After the risk-free period ends, passengers who have non-refundable or standard tickets will be required to pay the full Malaysia Airlines flight change fee.
  • If passengers need to make changes to their scheduled ticket on Malaysia Airlines, they will be charged a flight change fee ranging from USD 125 to 350. Passengers have the option to change their name, date, flight number, and sometimes even their route. To reach the officials, they can use the live chat feature, customer service number, or go to the airport counter.
  • Passengers need to make changes to their plans at least 12 hours before their departure. If the passenger doesn’t do it, they have to get a new ticket and pay the Malaysia Airlines flight change fee according to the airline’s policy.
  • If you make changes to your booking within 24 hours and the departure date is at least seven days away, the carrier won’t charge you any additional fees. Please call the customer service number to receive specific instructions regarding the fees for changing Malaysia Airlines flights.

Method to Change Flight With Malaysian Airlines

The airline provides two options for making changes: online and offline. A lot of travelers choose to use Malaysia Airlines’ online flight change procedure to save money and avoid exchange charges.

Online Method

  • Please select either the official website or the mobile app to complete the account authentication process.
  • To complete your booking, please go to the “manage my booking” section and fill in all the necessary information.
  • Please review the input and respond by tapping on the search tab.
  • Please choose the names of the passengers and make any necessary changes as needed.
  • If you decide to change your cabin class or switch seats, you will need to pay the difference amount. Once you have done this, your ticket will be sent to your registered IDs.

Offline Method

  • Choose the method (call the customer service number, go to the official airport counter, or use the KIOSK machine to talk to an employee).
  • Use the information you need, like the reservation code and the passenger’s last name.
  • If you can make changes over the phone or at the airport counter, ask the agent to start the process for you.
  • Make the necessary changes and pay the Malaysia Airlines flight change fee to get a new ticket that has been changed.


In conclusion, Malaysia Airlines’ flight change policy provides options for passengers to modify their bookings. Plan ahead, follow the guidelines, and be aware of potential fees. Whether changing online or offline, understanding the process will help ensure a stress-free experience when altering your flight details with Malaysia Airlines. Safe travels!


Can Malaysia Airlines change the date of my return flight?

Yes. Malaysia Airlines makes it easy to change the date of your return trip. To do this, you need to get in touch with the airline’s staff via live chat, the customer service number, a mobile app, or a counter at the airport.

How can I change my Malaysia Airlines ticket for free?

If you want to change your Malaysia Airlines flight for free, you must make the change within 24 hours of making the ticket and at least seven days before your departure date.

How can I save more on the date change fee for Malaysia Airlines?

To save even more money on the Malaysia Airlines date change fee, do the following:

  • Change your flight during the risk-free time.
  • Always buy a ticket that can be returned.

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