United Terminal Newark Airport, Benefits, Service Check-In and More


United Terminal Newark Airport

Newark Liberty International Airport is a very busy airport in the United States. It is an important way for people to get to New York City and the nearby areas. Navigating through this crowded airport can be challenging due to the large number of planes operating at its passenger terminals. If you plan to fly with United Airlines, one of the largest airlines in the world, it’s important to know which terminal at Newark Airport they use.

In this post, we will explore important facts to help you have a stress-free flying experience. Knowing where United’s terminal is located can help you prepare for your flight, regardless of whether you fly often or if this is your first time flying. Let’s find out which terminal United Airlines uses at Newark.

United Newark Arrivals and Departures Terminal

Newark Liberty International Airport has three passenger terminals: Terminals A, B, and C. United Airlines uses all of these methods to handle its arrivals at the destination. The functions of this service are made to make sure people follow immigration and customs rules, help with getting luggage, and provide important services to make it easy to go from the air plane to the final place you’re going.

United Airlines efficiently operates departures from Terminals A and C at Newark Liberty International Airport. The departure terminal is an important part of the airport experience. It is where travellers begin their journeys. The system is made to handle check-in and security processes efficiently. It also offers amenities and services to make passengers’ travel experience more enjoyable.

Terminal A Ewr Airport

Newark Airport’s Terminal A is divided into 4 levels, each with its own specific functions:

Level 1: This level allows you to enter the parking garages.

Level 2: Passengers who arrive at Terminal A will find the baggage claim area here. They will also have access to different transportation options and some basic services on this level.

Level 3: The third level is where you can find boarding gates A1, A2, and A3. The check-in and security screening checkpoints are also located there.

Gates Level: This level connects to three concourse areas: A1 (gates A10-A18), A2 (gates A20-A28), and A3 (gates A30-A39).

Terminal B Ewr Airport

Terminal B at Newark Liberty International Airport is divided into four levels, each with its own specific purpose:

Level 1: There are 3 bus stops for ground transportation on this level.

Level 2: Here is where you can find the Arrivals level and baggage claim area. In addition, passengers have access to different services such as an information counter, a board with hotel options, facilities for renting cars, and counters for taxis and buses.

Level 3: The check-in areas in this level are directly connected to the Gate Level.

Level 4: The Gate Level is where passengers can find the boarding gates (B1, B2, and B3) and airport lounges. Terminal B has a total of 24 gates, which are divided into three concourses.

  • Concourse B1: This concourse includes gates B40, B41A, B41B, B43 to B45, B46A, B46B, and B47.
  • Concourse B2: Here, you can find gates B51 – B57.
  • Concourse B3: This concourse includes gates B60-B63 and B65-B68.

Terminal C EWR Airport

The Newark Airport Terminal C is a building with multiple levels. It is designed to provide services and facilities for passengers, making travel easy and convenient. It serves both domestic and international travellers. The terminal is split into four levels, and each level has its own specific functions.

Level 1: The Newark Airport Terminal C is a building with multiple levels. It is designed to provide services and facilities for passengers, making travel easy and convenient. It serves both domestic and international travelers. The terminal is split into four levels, and each level has its own specific functions.

Level 2: Passengers on this level can find International Ticketing and Economy class check-in, Premier Access, Business First check-in, and other global services. Here, you can find basic amenities and services.

Level 3: On this level, you can find domestic ticketing and check-in services, as well as other special services. Passengers can easily reach the C1, C2, and C3 gates from here, as well as the AirTrain Station for more transportation choices.

Gate Level: The Gate level is where passengers can go to reach the gate areas for Concourses C1, C2, and C3. Here, you can find various amenities such as food, drinks, and retail concessions.

  • Concourse C1: Gates C70 to C75, C80 to C88, and C90 to C99.
  • Concourse C2: Gates C101A, C102A, C103A-B, C104A-B, C106A, C107A-B, C108A-B, C109A, C110A-B, C111A, C112A-B, C113A-B, C114A-B, and C115A-B.
  • Concourse C3: Gates C120 to C128 and C130 to C139.

Service Provided at United Terminals EWR

Service Provided at United Terminals EWR

Now that you know which terminal United is located at in Newark, let’s learn about the services offered by the airline. United Airlines is headquartered at EWR and offers a range of services to make passengers’ travel experiences better. Remember that services and offerings may change, so it’s a good idea to check with United Airlines for the latest information. United Terminals at EWR offers the following services:

  • United Airlines has several check-in counters where travellers can check in for their flights, get boarding passes, and drop off their checked baggage.
  • The United Airlines Premier Access service helps qualifying customers, like Premier members and first-class and business-class travellers, to check in, go through security screening, and board the plane more quickly.
  • United Club lounges offer a cozy and calm space for United Club members and eligible travellers to relax while waiting for their flights. Lounges usually provide complimentary drinks and snacks, along with Wi-Fi, workstations, and other convenient features.
  • United Airlines provides various luggage services for their passengers. These services include baggage check-in, assistance with lost and found items, and access to services related to baggage claim.
  • United Airlines has customer service desks available to assist travellers with any questions or concerns they may have. These desks can help with things like making changes to reservations, rebooking flights, and addressing other travel-related issues.
  • In Terminal C, there are many places to eat such as restaurants, cafes, and fast-food shops. Passengers can grab a meal before their flight. Retail stores also offer travel essentials and souvenirs that you may need at the last minute.
  • United Airlines offers services and accommodations for passengers with disabilities or special needs to ensure a smooth and enjoyable travel experience.
  • Travellers can easily check in, access flight information, and manage their bookings using United Airlines’ mobile app and self-service kiosks.
  • In Terminal C, there are flight information displays that show passengers the latest updates on flight statuses, gate changes, and important information.
  • Passengers who arrive on international flights at Terminal C can go through customs and immigration services to finish the arrival process.

United Terminal Newark Airport Check-in

United Terminal Newark Airport Check-in

United Airlines offers several check-in options for passengers departing from the EWR Terminals. This makes it convenient for passengers to complete the pre-boarding procedure:

Online Check-In: You can check in online for United Airlines flights using their website or mobile app. Passengers can check in for their flights and get their boarding tickets starting 24 hours before the scheduled departure time.

Through Mobile App: With United Airlines’ mobile app, travellers can easily check in for their flights, access their boarding cards on their mobile devices, and receive important flight information and notifications. The app helps you easily handle your travel information while you’re on the move.

Kiosk Check-In: Newark Airport’s Terminal C has self-service check-in kiosks. These kiosks make it easy for passengers to check in, print their boarding cards, and choose their seats.

Ticket Counter Check-In: To find a United Airlines agent, simply head to the ticket counters located in Terminal C. United Airlines staff are available to assist with the check-in process, answer any questions you may have, and take care of any special needs you may have.

Premier Access Check-In: United Airlines offers Premier Access to eligible customers, which includes Premier members, as well as first-class and business-class passengers. Customers can check-in, go through security screening, and board faster, which makes their travel experience more enjoyable.

Parking Near United Terminal at EWR

Value Parking is a parking facility located offsite that offers valet parking services at a reasonable price. The parking location is very close to the United terminal at Newark Airport, which makes it very convenient for travellers. Choosing this option will help you save time and money on parking when you fly from the United Airlines terminal at Newark Airport.

Make your trip to the Newark Airport United terminal stress-free by reserving your parking in advance. This way, you won’t have to worry about finding a spot on the day of your trip. You can have a stress-free trip to EWR by using the valet parking service. They will take care of parking your car for you.


United Airlines aims to make the check-in process quick and easy, so that travellers can have a more enjoyable journey. To ensure a smooth start to your trip, it’s a good idea to double-check your terminal assignment with United Airlines or Newark Liberty International Airport. This is because airport procedures can sometimes change. United Airlines strives to offer outstanding service and convenience for travellers, whether they are departing from or arriving at EWR.

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