Spirit Airlines Seat Upgrade Cost


Spirit Airlines Seat Upgrade Cost

When it comes to air travel, ensuring a comfortable experience is crucial when considering an upgrade with Spirit Airlines. This popular budget airline offers passengers the option to upgrade their seats for an additional cost, adding an exciting element to their journey. In this blog, we will explore spirit airlines upgrades, addressing common questions about the cost, availability, and excellent seat options provided by the airline.

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What is the Cost of Upgrading Seats on Spirit Airlines?

The price of upgrading your Spirit Airlines seat can vary based on different factors such as the direction of travel, flight duration, and seat availability. The airline offers a range of upgrade options, including extra legroom and premium seats. Here is a breakdown of the costs for upgrading abilities:

  • The Big Front Seat offered by Spirit Airlines is designed with ample legroom and a spacious seat for maximum comfort. The prices for this upgrade can range from as low as $12 to as high as $150 or even more, depending on factors such as the flight duration and destination.
  • Exit Row Seats: These seats are conveniently situated near the emergency exits, offering ample legroom. The cost of upgrading to a front row seat can range from around $8 to $50 or even higher.
  • Upfront Seats: The seats located towards the front of the cabin offer additional legroom compared to standard seats. The cost of upgrading to a better seat can range from approximately $5 to $25 or more.

Please note that the seat upgrade costs for Spirit Airlines are subject to change. It is recommended to contact Spirit Airlines for the latest information and pricing for your desired flight.

Can Spirit Seats Be Upgraded After to Purchase?

Looking for if it’s possible to upgrade your Spirit Airlines seat after booking? Absolutely! Spirit Airlines offers passengers the option to upgrade their seats, enhancing their travel experience with added comfort and personalization. Keep in mind that seat upgrades are subject to availability, so it’s important to submit your upgrade request as soon as possible.

Does Spirit Airlines Have Bigger Seats?

Spirit Airlines provides large seats called the Big Front Seats, offering a more spacious and comfortable flying experience. These seats are designed to resemble a premium class option and feature wider seats with additional legroom. It’s important to keep in mind that Spirit Airlines mostly has a single-cabin setup, so there may be limited availability of larger seats. If you’re looking for a more spacious seating option, upgrading to the Big Front Seat is a great choice.

What is the Time Structure for Upgrading on Spirit Airlines?

Spirit Airlines does not have a traditional upgrade system or a specific time for upgrades like some other airlines. On the other hand, Spirit Airlines operates on a unique model where passengers have the option to purchase additional services and upgrades to enhance their travel experience. Our services offer seat selection, larger seats with ample legroom, and a “Big Front Seat.”

Passengers have the option to make these changes prior to their flight. They can do so during the booking process or by visiting the Spirit Airlines website or reaching out to their customer service. By offering these upgrade options, Spirit Airlines allows passengers to customize their travel experience, ensuring a safe and enjoyable journey.

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Spirit Airlines Best Seats

Deciding on the best seat for your Spirit Airlines flight will depend on the choices available to you and what matters most to you. Consider the following factors when choosing your seat:

  • Big Front Seat: If you like extra legroom and a wider seat, it is recommended to upgrade to the Big Front Seat. These seats provide a superior experience and are suitable for taller individuals or those looking for added comfort.
  • Exit Row Seat: Choosing a go-out-row seat can be a great option for passengers who value extra legroom. However, it’s important to remember that sitting in exit row seats comes with certain responsibilities, such as being physically able to assist in an emergency evacuation.
  • Upfront Seat: Seats located towards the front of the plane offer additional legroom compared to the more commonly chosen seats. They provide a fantastic balance between comfort and affordability.


Passengers have the option to upgrade their seats with Spirit Airlines for a more enjoyable and comfortable flight. There are a variety of options available to cater to different preferences and budgets, ranging from the more expensive Big Front Seats to the seats with extra legroom in the exit row and upfront. Make sure to review the prices and availability for your preferred flight and submit your upgrade request as soon as you can. With spirit airlines seat upgrade options, you can enhance your comfort level during your journey.

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