Southwest Airlines Lost and Found Policy


Southwest Airlines Lost and Found

Southwest Airlines makes sure that passengers’ bags arrive safely at their destination without being stolen or damaged. Sometimes, in any situation and for various reasons like technical problems or mistakes, there is a small chance that a passenger’s luggage could be damaged, stolen, or delayed. In this situation, we will discuss the Southwest lost and found situations in which:

  • Passengers are not getting their luggage when they reach their destination.
  • Passengers are getting their luggage in a damaged state.
  • Passengers are waiting a long time to get their luggage.
  • Passengers are getting their luggage, but some items are missing.

Southwest Airlines lost and found service also helps passengers who have lost their belongings on the plane after their flight.

Southwest Airlines Lost and Found Tips

Here are some tips for passengers to follow when traveling in order to prevent any issues with lost baggage on Southwest Airlines. These tips will help you avoid any disruptions or minimize any losses.

  • The Southwest lost luggage department suggests that you should not put any valuable items (like jewelry, cash, or wallets), important items (such as medicine, passports, or photo IDs), or fragile items (like electronic devices, glassware, or glasses/contact lenses) in your checked baggage.
  • According to Southwest’s lost and found policy, it’s best not to travel with any luggage that was damaged during a previous trip. If the damaged area gets bigger, your baggage may become unusable or the items inside could get damaged.
  • Make sure to use locks that are approved by the TSA. If your baggage needs to be opened for security reasons, it will be taken care of to make sure it doesn’t get damaged.
  • The Southwest lost and found team suggests including a paper note with your name and contact information in your baggage. This will help them deliver your baggage to you if the baggage tag gets lost.
  • If the overhead cabinet is full, sometimes you may need to remove your carry-on baggage from the cabin. If you don’t want to remove your belongings from your cabin baggage, please let the Southwest Airlines lost and found team know about it.

To create a lost and found application and check on previous applications about baggage issues, passengers should contact the Southwest Airlines baggage claim and tracking team. Passengers should hold on to their baggage tag and boarding pass until the Southwest lost baggage process is finished.

According to Southwest Airlines’ lost and found policy, any information or documents given by passengers regarding baggage issues are handled in accordance with personal data protection.

How to Apply For Southwest Lost Baggage?

If passengers don’t receive their baggage, they should go to the Southwest lost and found office at the destination airport or contact Southwest Airlines customer service for help. To make sure Southwest Airlines can find your lost baggage, you need to fill out a report. This report helps them search for your belongings and keeps track of the process. If they can’t find your baggage, they may offer compensation.

At Airport:

This is the location where you need to bring your documents and get a PIR (Property Irregularity Report) if you don’t receive your luggage. You will also receive a tracking number for the lost and found department.

Online Application:

An online application is available for passengers who have left the airport without receiving a baggage report. This application allows them to track their baggage.

  • If passengers leave the airport without going to the Southwest Airlines baggage claim desk, they will be responsible for any financial loss that may occur.
  • If a passenger can’t find their belongings at the baggage conveyors, they should go to the Southwest lost baggage desk at the airport right away to report the problem.

The process to Fill the Southwest Airlines Lost and Found Form

  • According to Southwest Airlines’ baggage policy, they will track your baggage for the first five days of your journey on the route you traveled.
  • To find lost baggage, Southwest uses an international tracking system. They usually find and return luggage within 24 hours.
  • Sometimes, there may be a delay in delivering your checked bag for operational reasons, but this is very rare.
  • If your baggage is lost and cannot be found within 5 days, you will be asked to provide a detailed list of the items in the baggage. This will help track the baggage more accurately.
  • If the airline hasn’t replied to passengers within 5 days, they can go to the Southwest baggage lost and found online tracking portal and make a notification.
  • Passengers should include a message and attach the necessary documents in the message section when creating a notification.
  • Passengers should include specific details about the appearance and contents of their lost baggage in the message. This will help the staff identify and deliver the baggage more quickly.
  • The Southwest lost baggage team will carefully and thoroughly track the passenger’s lost baggage for 21 days in order to find the necessary documents and information.

Lost Baggage Compensation

If your baggage was not delivered to you, you can go to the Southwest Airlines lost and found office at the airport. They will give you a reference number and you can submit an application through their lost and found portal. Make sure to include any receipts for expenses you had to pay while waiting for your baggage.

In addition, if you have had to spend money because of the situation, make sure to keep any official documents like receipts, credit card statements, or other proof of expenses. You will need to submit these documents when applying for Southwest’s lost baggage process.

Here is a summary of the reimbursement and compensation options provided by Southwest Airlines in case your baggage is lost, damaged, or delayed.

  • If Southwest loses or damages your checked bag, they will only be responsible for up to $3800 unless you declared a higher value for your bag when you checked in.
  • The amount of compensation you can receive for your baggage is limited to $1250 USD, in addition to the $3800 USD limit set by the airlines.
  • Southwest’s lost and found compensation does not cover money, jewelry, cameras, video equipment, computers, electronic devices, software, silverware, china, fragile or perishable items, liquids, precious gems and metals, important papers, stocks, business or personal documents, samples, items for sale, paintings, artifacts, and other valuable antiques.

Here is a summary of what airlines offer in terms of compensation for delayed, damaged, or lost luggage based on the type of fare you purchased.

Southwest Lost Baggage Claim Business Select Anytime Wanna Get Away
Lost Checked Bag Upto 3800 USD Upto 3800 USD Upto 3800 USD
Baggage Fee in case of loss of baggage Refundable Non-Refundable Non-Refundable
Delayed Baggage Reimbursement Compulsory Expenditure up to 100 USD (invoices need to be submitted) Compulsory Expenditure up to 75 USD (invoices need to be submitted) Compulsory Expenditure up to 50 USD (invoices need to be submitted)
Baggage Fee refund in case of delayed baggage Refundable Non-Refundable Non-Refundable


Is There a Lost and Found Department at Southwest Airlines?

If passengers have problems with their baggage, they can go to the Southwest Airlines baggage claim desk in person. If they have already left the airport, they can contact customer service for help.

How Do I Get in Touch With the Lost and Found Desk at Southwest?

You must contact the Southwest Airlines baggage claim desk or call the Southwest lost and found contact number if you realize that you haven’t gotten your luggage after a long period of time.

How Long Does It Take Southwest Airlines to Locate Lost Luggage?

To find lost baggage, Southwest uses an international tracking system. They usually find and return luggage within 24 hours. They try to get it back to passengers quickly. Southwest Airlines can track your baggage within 5 days after you report the issue.

How Much Will Southwest Airlines Pay for Objects That Get Lost?

If the luggage doesn’t show up, Southwest Airlines may pay up to $3,500, but the customers will need to show receipts or other proof. All used things that can’t be sold again would have their value go down.

What happens if Southwest Airlines never finds my checked bag?

For Southwest lost and found compensation, passengers must send Southwest Airlines the papers that prove how much their lost bags were worth. Southwest’s responsibility for lost, damaged, or late checked bags is limited to 3800 USD unless the passenger at the time of check-in said the value of the lost bag was more than that amount.

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