Southwest Airlines LAX Terminal, Services, and Amenities Guide


Southwest Airlines LAX Terminal

Southwest Airlines is an airline that operates within the United States. It travels to a total of 121 places, both within the country and abroad. Mostly, it operates from international terminals.

The main airport in Los Angeles is where most flights to other countries depart from. There are more than 65 airlines based here. This airport is one of the busiest in the country, with millions of passengers flying from here.

Complete Information on Southwest Los Angeles (LA) Airport Terminal

Airport Name
Los Angeles International Airport
Airport Code LAX
Airport Address

Southwest Airlines operates from Terminal 1 at LAX, which stands for Los Angeles Airport. The check-in has been moved to terminal B. It is important to confirm which terminal Southwest is located at in LAX because there are two terminals. Once you have passed the security check, go to the terminal and gate that are specified below to catch your plane.

You can access all services at Southwest LAX terminal 1, except for check-in. This terminal has three levels. Discover the locations of the airline’s services and check for any extra amenities available.

Southwest Airlines Departures and Arrival Timing

Southwest Airlines’ departing flights leave from Terminal 1, on level 3. Even though the check-in is at a different terminal, the boarding gate is still at gate 1.

The arrivals terminal for Southwest Airlines is also Terminal 1. Once the plane has landed, the passengers can simply follow the airline staff’s instructions and collect their bags from the conveyor belt. To get to where you want to go, use either the escalators or elevators.

Southwest Airlines Check-In

Southwest Airlines check-in used to be at Terminal 1. Nowadays, it has been moved to Terminal B. There was a curbside check-in available on level 2 of terminal 1. Passengers who are visiting the airport should make sure to check for any updates.

Baggage Service for Southwest Airlines

The baggage counter is on level 1 of the Southwest LAX terminal. Just a friendly reminder: make sure to tag your bags before going to the counter to submit them. Don’t forget to check the policy before packing your luggage. This will help you stay safe and avoid having any important items taken away.

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Parking Facility at LAX Airport

Passengers flying with Southwest Airlines can conveniently park their vehicles in the parking area at LAX. There are many garages available, each with different prices. There are designated areas for electric vehicles, as well as spaces for people with disabilities who use wheelchairs. These areas have additional features to accommodate their needs. You can now reserve the parking lot for the date you have scheduled. Please make sure there is enough space for your vehicle. The cost of parking starts at $9 and goes up to $70.

Shops and Dining Options At LAX Airport

LAX airport has many shops and restaurants to choose from. Certain features are unique to each terminal. Some others can be found on both terminals. You can find stores that sell both alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages. Please visit the official airport website to view the complete list.

Other Amenities

In addition to the amenities mentioned above, the airport also provides other important services that passengers may need while they are there. Here are a few mentioned below for you to refer to:

  • WiFi
  • Restrooms
  • Pet Relief Areas
  • ATMs
  • Currency Exchange Counters
  • Shops and Restaurant
  • Nursing Stations
  • Medical kit and First AID


In summary, Southwest Airlines operates from Terminal 1 at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), offering a range of services and amenities. While check-in is now in Terminal B, Southwest departures and arrivals remain at Terminal 1. LAX provides diverse parking options, shops, dining, and essential facilities like WiFi, restrooms, and medical services, ensuring a convenient and comfortable experience for Southwest passengers.

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