Singapore Changi Airport: Checkout Everything About Terminal 1 to Terminal 4


Singapore Changi Airport

The facility has won awards and consists of four terminals located on a 9.7-square-mile site. Another terminal is currently being built.

Singapore Changi Airport (SIN) is a big transportation hub in the Asia-Pacific region, serving over 100 airlines. The airport has won awards and has four terminals and three runways. Many people think of the airport as a destination, but how is the passenger experience different at each terminal?

Terminal 1

Singapore Changi Airport’s first terminal was opened in July 1981. It was located at the northern end of the airport site, which covers an area of 9.7 square miles (25 square kilometers). Terminal 1 is designed in the shape of a H to make the most of gate space. It is where you can find international flights from various airlines like British Airways, KLM, Turkish Airlines, Qantas, Air France, Japan Airlines, and Qatar Airways.

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 1

Keep in mind that alliance members are located in different terminals at Singapore Changi Airport. For instance, most one world alliance members can be found in Terminal 1, while Malaysia Airlines is in Terminal 2, and Cathay Pacific is in Terminal 4.

Terminal 1 at this airport is well-known for its excellent passenger facilities. Passengers who are waiting to board their flights can enjoy duty-free shopping and a variety of free attractions, including the Kinetic Rain Sculpture. The art installation is captivating and features 1,216 bronze droplets that move in a way that looks like the movements of flying.

The terminal has two main attractions: the Tropical Rain forest Vivarium and the Water Lily Garden. The Vivarium is home to over 50 types of plants and almost ten types of animals. The Water Lily Garden showcases the biggest aquatic plant in the world.

Besides the typical airline lounges, there is an extra perk in the transit area: a swimming pool and jacuzzi with a view of the runway. This facility is a part of the Aerotel Airport Transit Hotel. It is free for hotel guests, but other passengers can use it for a fee of S$25 ($19).

Terminal 2

Terminal 2 is the second terminal at Changi Airport. It was opened at the end of 1990 and is right next to Terminal 1. Terminal 2 is bigger than Terminal 1. Starting in 2023, Terminal 2 will be where you can find several Star Alliance airlines, such as Air India, Lufthansa, SWISS, Etihad Airways, and United Airlines. United Airlines recently moved from Terminal 2 to Terminal 1.

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2

Singapore Airlines, the main airline at the airport, operates flights from Terminal 2 to a few destinations in South East Asia. The rest of their flights operate from Terminal 3.

In April 2020, Terminal 2 was closed because there were fewer people traveling during the pandemic and Singapore had strict lockdowns. This closure allowed for a complete renovation of the terminal. The project lasted for 3.5 years and resulted in the addition of 226,000 square feet of floor space.

As a result, the airport’s total capacity increased by 5 million passengers. On November 1st, 2023, when Terminal 2 fully reopens, Lye Teck, the Program Director of Changi Airport Group’s Terminal 2, made a statement.

The new Terminal 2, just like Terminal 1, has a variety of themed gardens where passengers can relax while they wait for their flights. The terminal has a natural theme that includes a digital waterfall and a digital sky. The sky changes color based on the time of day, which creates a calming environment for passengers.

The GoCycling bicycle rental facility is located right next to Terminal 2. Transit passengers can enjoy two hours of free bike rental from this facility to explore the nearby area.

Terminal 3

Terminal 3 was finished in January 2008, increasing the number of passengers it can handle to about 22 million each year. The terminal has a big glass structure that lets in a lot of natural light. This allows for many green features, like a 16-foot-high green wall.

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 3

This terminal has many fun features, such as a free cinema and The Slide, which is the world’s tallest slide located in an airport. This slide is a must-try experience for both adults and kids, standing at a height of four stories. Terminal 3 has a Butterfly Garden, which is like a big cage filled with over 1,000 tropical butterflies.

The terminal has 28 jet bridges, with eight specifically designed to fit the Airbus A380. Singapore Airlines flights to destinations outside of South East Asia now depart from Terminal 3. Additionally, flights operated by Garuda Indonesia, Asiana Airlines, and Eva Air also depart from Terminal 3. Terminal 3 is home to various airport lounges, such as Singapore Airlines’ main lounges, and the Crowne Plaza Airport Hotel.

Terminal 4

Terminal 4 can accommodate more than 16 million passengers annually. It has 21 contact gates and eight bus gates, mainly serving regional flights. When the terminal opened in October 2017, Cathay Pacific and Korean Air were the first airlines to start operating there. Terminal 4 is where you can find carriers like AirAsia, HK Express, and Bamboo Airways.

Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 4

Terminals 1 to 3 are connected to each other by the Skytrain. However, Terminal 4 is a separate building and is connected to the other terminals by free shuttle buses. Terminal 4, just like the other terminals at the airport, has many things to do and see for passengers who want to keep themselves entertained before their flight. A popular attraction you shouldn’t miss is the Petalclouds. It’s a famous kinetic sculpture that hangs 656 feet (200 m) above the Central Galleria. The sculpture moves along with colourful lights and music.

Are Four Terminals Enough?

Singapore Changi Airport is a busy airport with a variety of exciting attractions at all four terminals. Based on data from OAG, the airport ranked third among international airports in October 2023. The top two airports were Dubai (DXB) and London Heathrow (LHR). Expansion will be necessary for this airport, just like many others, and it is already being planned.


In conclusion, Singapore Changi Airport, with its four terminals, stands as a top-notch aviation hub. Each terminal offers a unique passenger experience, from the captivating attractions in Terminal 1 to the innovative features of the renovated Terminal 2, the entertainment in Terminal 3, and the modern amenities in Terminal 4. The airport’s ongoing expansion plans reflect its commitment to meeting the increasing demands of air travel and maintaining its status as a global leader.

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