Singapore Airlines Wheelchair Assistance


Singapore Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

Singapore Airlines is widely recognized as a leading airline. If you need any special assistance from Singapore Airlines, they will provide you with the necessary services. Singapore Airlines is renowned for its exceptional services, providing passengers with a top-notch travel experience. They provide top-notch services and are committed to assisting you in getting exactly what you need.

To request special assistance from Singapore Airlines, simply visit their official website and look for the icon labeled “special assistance.” Please click there and submit a request for the same. In addition to visiting their websites, Singapore Airlines’ customer services are available to provide you with the assistance you need. Getting assistance from their representatives is a breeze, and you can easily obtain the benefits you need from them.

It’s a breeze to get hold of the Singapore Airlines telephone number. If you need wheelchair assistance, simply submit a request at least 48 hours before your reservation. They will promptly connect with you and provide top-notch services.

How to Request Special Assistance from Singapore Airlines?

  • Make sure to check out the homepage of Singapore Airlines.
  • Simply scroll down the screen until you come across the option for special assistance. Click on that option.
  • If you have any specific requests, simply submit them to ensure you receive the services you need.

With just a phone call, you can easily reach out to Singapore Airlines for any assistance or services you need. Ensure that you receive the necessary services from their representatives, who will provide you with the assistance you require. Singapore Airlines is dedicated to providing the special aid you need.

How Can I Request a Singapore Airlines Wheelchair?

How Can I Request a Singapore Airlines Wheelchair?

If you have a booking with Singapore Airlines and require wheelchair assistance, you can easily make your request by following the steps below. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to request a wheelchair online with Singapore Airlines.

  • Begin by accessing the Singapore Airlines website and navigating to the help section.
  • Scroll down on the help page until you find the ‘Fly with us’ section
  • Visit the special assistance page and find the section titled ‘What kind of assistance do you require.’
  • To access the form, simply select the wheelchair option and proceed to the form below.
  • Complete all the necessary fields, attach the requested documents, accept the terms, and then select ‘Submit’ to proceed with your request.

If you need assistance, you have the option to reach out to Singapore Airlines customer care or contact the local Singapore airline office for more information.

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Singapore Airlines Wheelchair Assistance Fees

There is no additional charge for wheelchair assistance on Singapore Airlines. You have the option to inform the airline beforehand about your need for wheelchair assistance. This way, the airline can make the necessary arrangements in advance, saving you from having to wait for it at the airport. In addition, it is recommended to arrive at the airport 2-3 hours prior to your flight.

Singapore Airlines Special Assistance

If you are traveling with elderly passengers, you have the option to request special assistance from Singapore Airlines at any time. Here are a few ways the airline can help older passengers. You can find all the information you need by visiting the official website of the airlines.

Singapore Airlines Medical assistance:

If there is a medical condition, you can simply request the airline to provide the required assistance. The Singapore airlines team is dedicated to ensuring your journey is safe and comfortable.

Wheelchair assistance:

If needed, you can ask for wheelchair assistance to help you move from one location to another. The airline also offers a meet and assist service for elderly passengers during flight transfers.

Singapore Airlines Disability assistance:

If passengers have visual or hearing impairments, the airline ensures their needs are met. The airline provides assistance to elderly passengers throughout their journey, from the airport to the airplane and during the landing process.

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What is the Disability Assistance of Singapore Airlines?

If you have a disability, whether it’s a visual or hearing impairment, the airline will make sure to provide you with the necessary care and assistance. The airline provides assistance to passengers with disabilities at the airport, during the flight, or when making flight connections. To avail of Singapore Airlines’ special assistance, you need to make your request at least 48 hours prior to departure. You can do this by reaching out to the local Singapore airline office or by filling out the special request form online.

Here’s What Singapore Airlines Offers Disabled Passengers:

For the visually impaired:

The cabin staff helps passengers orient and perform safety checks before takeoff. The crew helps prepare meals and identify food.

For the Hearing Impaired:

Passengers have the option to access the inflight safety video in sign language for their convenience.

How to Contact Singapore for Special Assistance?

Here are different methods to connect with them and access their special assistance services:

Through Website: To access the official website of Singapore Airlines, simply navigate to their website. Once there, look for the option related to special assistance services. You will find a form specifically for requesting wheelchair assistance. Fill out the form and submit it.

Through Customer Care: To get in touch with them, simply reach out to their customer service contact number. Just visit their official website and look for the customer service phone number. Simply dial the number and follow the instructions that appear.

Additionally, it is important to note that wheelchair assistance must be requested within 48 hours of making your reservation. That way, they have ample time to make arrangements and you won’t have to wait for them at the airport.


In conclusion, Singapore Airlines is a top-tier airline known for its outstanding services, including special assistance. The process to request assistance, such as wheelchair aid or support for elderly passengers, is straightforward through their website. There are no additional fees for wheelchair assistance, and advance notification ensures seamless arrangements. The airline’s commitment to passenger care extends to those with disabilities, offering tailored assistance for a safe and comfortable journey. Contacting Singapore Airlines through their website or customer care facilitates a smooth experience, reflecting their dedication to exceptional service.

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