Qatar Airways Upgrade to Business Class: Full Guide


Qatar Airways Upgrade to Business Class

If you want more comfort and better facilities, it’s a good idea to choose the Qatar Airways upgrade program. Traveling in business and similar classes can be extremely comfortable for long flights.

Travelers can use their frequent flyer miles to upgrade their seats from economy to business class or even higher. In addition, the airline provides free upgrades to its Gold and Platinum frequent flyers who spend a specific amount of ‘Qcredits’ annually.

Even if you haven’t signed up for Qatar Airways Privilege Club frequent flyer status, you may still have the opportunity to upgrade at a discounted fare. To make sure you don’t miss anything important, just remember to check your inbox regularly about a week before you leave.
No matter what your situation is, keep reading to find out all the information you need about getting upgraded on Qatar Airways for your global travel.

Does It Make Value to Upgrade to Business Class on Qatar Airways?

The answer depends on what you value more: being comfortable or saving money. Furthermore, although First Class and Business Class share some similarities, the differences between Economy and Premium Economy classes are more clear.

Here is a table that shows some differences between classes. You will see that the higher class may provide many additional benefits.

Economy vs  Business
Priority Check-in and Boarding Not Available Available
Access to Qatar Airways Lounge No allowed Allowed
Seats Wide economy seats with blankets and pillows Lie-flat seats
Food Available when served A la carte on-demand menu
Amenity kit Only with chosen long-haul flights Yes
Wi-Fi Free up to 30 minutes (unlimited if the booking was made directly through the airline) Free up to one hour (unlimited if the booking was made directly from the company)
Noise-cancelling headphones No Yes

Rules of Qatar Airways Business Class Upgrade

Qatar Airways does not offer premium economy on any of its flights. Qatar Airways offers flight upgrades that are convenient and straightforward. You have the option to upgrade from economy class to business class, or even from business class to first class.

To qualify for an upgrade, you must meet the following requirements:

  • Scheduled on a flight number with Qatar Airways (QR).
  • A codeshare agreement trip shouldn’t be on the schedule.
  • The first number on a Qatar Airways ticket is 157.

If your upgrade goes well, you’ll receive frequent flyer points and status credits (Qmiles and Qcredits). The number of miles/credits you will earn depends on the class of service you choose.

Upgraded passengers get to enjoy extra perks in business class. These perks include access to pre-flight lounges, higher baggage limits, delicious meals, and, if available, priority security and boarding.

Upgrade Qatar Flight with Miles

You cannot use Qantas Frequent Flyer points to upgrade your Qatar Airways travel. You can use miles from Qatar’s Privilege Club loyalty program to do this.

For example, if you’re traveling from New York, Chicago, Washington DC, or Miami to Doha, you can upgrade your one-way ticket on the most flexible economy price classes (Y, H, and B) for exactly 42,500 Qmiles. The upgrade that is the same for the cheaper V, S, Q, N, M, L, K, and G tickets is even more expensive, costing 50,000 Qmiles.

You can upgrade from New York to London through Doha for 64,000 Qmiles. This upgrade is available in the flexible class of service in the economy. To get a mid-range ticket at the same fare, you’ll need 75,000 miles for the same route. By doing this, you can save up to 5000 miles for each leg of your journey instead of requesting an upgrade for each individual flight.

Unfortunately, you cannot upgrade to Qatar Business Class from the cheapest O, T, or W fares if you have already booked your ticket using frequent flyer miles. This includes the discounted fares that Qatar Airways sometimes offers.

You can reserve an upgrade for your flight when you book it on the airline’s website, if it is available. The availability of upgrades can vary from one flight to another.

How Many Miles Need to Upgrade With Qatar Airways?

To find out how many miles you need to upgrade your Qatar Airways flight, use the “My Calculator.” It’s a great tool for this information.

  • To access the My Calculator link, you will need to click on it and provide your booking reference and last name.
  • Click on the tab labeled ‘Upgrade and Excess Baggage’.
  • Please provide the details for the flight you prefer.
  • To display ‘Qmiles’ instead of ‘Avios’, simply switch the button labeled ‘Avios’ to ‘Qmiles’

How Many Miles Need to Upgrade With Qatar Airways

Upgrade Qatar Flight with QCredits

Members of the Privilege Club program who hold Gold and Platinum status are eligible to receive Qcredits as a special benefit. They can be used.

  • To get on Qatar Airways, you have to change to Business Class.
  • Pick up extra baggage
  • You can get into a lounge
  • Pay for the cost of an award ticket and more.

You can use them for 24 months after you get them. Platinum members get 60 Qcredits every membership cycle, while Gold members only get 40 Qcredits. You’ll get a new batch every time you keep your tier or move up.

How Many QCredits Required to Upgrade With Qatar Airways?

A Platinum user can move from Australia to anywhere in Europe for just 55 Qcredits. Gold members who have earned at least 40 Qcredits for the same flight route.

How Can I Upgrade My Qatar Flight Using Qcredit?

To upgrade to Qatar Business Class using Qcredits, the next step is to make a request online. To access your account, first log in. Once logged in, choose the option “Redeem Avios”. From there, select “Upgrade on Qatar Airways”. To access the Redeem Avios page, simply visit the Qatar Airways Login Page.

  • To see your booking, just enter your booking reference and last name.
  • Choose which passengers should receive upgrades.
  • Please select the flights you would like to upgrade.
  • If you have enough Qcredits, it’s better to upgrade the entire leg instead of just a few parts.
  • Please confirm that the amount of Qcredits required matches your research.
  • Please confirm your one-time PIN via SMS. Congratulations! Your upgrade has been completed successfully!

Methods to Upgrade in Qatar Airways

Here are different ways you can arrange an upgrade with Qatar Airways. You can check for upgrades a few days before your trip. Here are some ways to upgrade your reservation:

Online Method: You can request a Qatar Airways Business Class upgrade by going to the ‘Manage Booking’ section. You can also ask for it when you check in.

Through Mobile App: To add your next trip to your personalised dashboard, simply install the Qatar Airways mobile app and navigate to the ‘My Trips’ section. By doing this, you can ensure that you receive any upgrade deals offered by Qatar Airways for your trip.

At Airport: You can buy a Qatar Airways ticket upgrade to Doha from any airline worker at the airport check-in desk. If you want to buy an upgrade for a flight from Hamad International Airport (HIA) in Doha to somewhere else on the Qatar Airways network, talk to any staff person there.

Through Call: Please call one of the airline’s helpful call center workers who can help you with your upgrade request. You can call Qatar Airways seven days a week, day or night.

With Avios: Use your hard-earned Avios or Qcredits to get a ticket to first or business class. Use the Qcalculator below to figure out how many Avios you’ll need to get an upgrade on your next trip. You can use our mobile app, at the airport, or online to get your increase.

What is the Cost of Upgrading With Qatar Airways?

Please ensure that your current email address is included in your Qatar Airways reservation. The reason is that the airline often sends offers for discounted upgrades on Qatar Airways up to 7 days before the flight.

The proposal sent by email is more like a “take it or leave it” offer. The airline does not offer a Qatar Bidding Upgrade service that allows passengers to choose the lowest cost they want to pay.

You should respond to these emails promptly. Also, upgrades are given based on who requests them first. So, if there are only a few upgrades available for your flight, you will be the first person to get one. If you wait to respond, you may miss out on something.

If you didn’t get a free upgrade to Business Class from Qatar, your only option is to pay the extra amount between your economy ticket and the regular business class price. You may also have to pay any applicable change fees.


In conclusion, Qatar Airways’ upgrade program provides a range of options for enhanced travel comfort. Whether using frequent flyer miles or discounted fares, passengers can easily upgrade to business class. The streamlined process, accessible through various channels, ensures a seamless experience. With clear distinctions in amenities, the decision to upgrade depends on individual preferences. Qatar Airways’ commitment to passenger satisfaction is evident in its flexible and user-friendly upgrade options.

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