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New State-Run Airline Mexicana de Aviación Offers 20% Cheaper Tickets


New Mexicana Flight Ticket Cost

Mexicana de Aviación, a new state-run airline, has started selling tickets to 20 national locations, with special deals to mark the occasion.

The government has said that Mexicana’s tickets will be 20% cheaper than those of its competitors, and prices on the airline’s website do show that they are cheaper than those of other local airlines. For example, a one-way trip from AIFA to Guadalajara starts at 519 pesos, which is about US$29. Viva Aerobus, on the other hand, starts at $1031 (US$57) for the same trip.

New Mexicana Flight Ticket Cost

Mexico News Daily did a more thorough price check and found that a round-trip Mexicana flight from AIFA to Cancun leaving on Dec. 5 costs 1,447 pesos (US $80). This includes the Airport Use Fee (TUA) and other taxes, seat selection, checked baggage of up to 15 kilograms, one piece of carry-on luggage, and a 10-kilogram personal item. At Aeroméxico, the same flight costs $6,669, which includes one checked bag of up to 25 kilograms. At Volaris, the same flight costs $6,013, which is $334.

The Defense Ministry will run the airline under the Mexicana de Aviación name, which the government bought in January. It will have hubs at the Felipe Angeles International Airport (AIFA) in Mexico City and the new Tulum airport, which is due to open by the end of the year.

The places mentioned on Mexicana’s website include Monterrey, Guadalajara, Tijuana, Campeche, Chetumal, Mérida, Puerto Vallarta, Ixtapa Zihuatanejo, Cozumel, Los Cabos, Hermosillo, Ciudad Juárez, Villahermosa, Huatulco, Oaxaca, Acapulco, Mazatlán, La Paz, Cancún and León.

The carrier will have a fleet of 10 Boeing 737-800 planes, and each one can carry 180 people. On the Mexicana website, you can now buy tickets for flights that will start in December.

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