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Frontier Airlines is likely a name you know, especially if you fly within the U.S. As a low-cost airline, the company’s main goal is to offer very low fares with no extras.

Frontier still lets you earn miles and become an elite member, and you can even buy a membership to save money on your trips. But if you want to know, “Is Frontier Airlines good?” You’re in the right spot.

Find out about Frontier Airlines, what it’s like to fly with them, and things you should think about before you buy a ticket.

What is It Like to Fly With Frontier?

You already know that Frontier offers affordable travel, but what does that actually mean in real life? Here are some important things to know about flying with Frontier.

Simple Reservation

Reserving a flight with Frontier Airlines is easy. You have several options to book your flight with Frontier Airlines. You can do it online through their website, use the chat feature on their website, download their app, or book through third-party providers like Priceline. Remember that certain methods, like booking a ticket through chat, may have extra fees for making a reservation.

Online Check-In

You can check in online for free using the airline’s app starting 24 hours before your flight. If you check in through the website, there is a $5 fee. However, if you choose to check in at the airport, the cost is $25.

Priority Boarding

Passengers who have paid for priority boarding purchased the Works bundle, or have Frontier elite status will board before the general queue.

In-Flight Experience

Frontier Airlines only offers economy class seats. However, they do have stretch seats available that provide extra legroom and can recline. There is no Wi-Fi or in-flight entertainment available. If you want drinks or snacks, you will have to pay for them.

Loyalty Program

Frontier’s loyalty program doesn’t have many perks, but if you reach the highest elite status, you and your family will get benefits like free stretch seating, checked bags, and priority boarding.

All About Frontier’s Loyalty Program

Frontier Miles is the loyalty program connected to Frontier Airlines. You can earn miles by flying or using a credit card that is co-branded with an airline for purchases. You can use these miles to get award flights. The flights start at 10,000 miles for a one-way Value award.

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Other Things to Be Consider


Frontier Airlines has been included in the top 20 list of safest low-cost carriers, according to’s annual analysis. This list was made from the 385 airlines it keeps track of. Some of the airlines on the list are Spirit Airlines, Southwest Airlines, JetBlue Airways, and Allegiant Air.


According to OAG’s 2023 Punctuality League, Frontier Airlines is ranked No. 8 out of 10 U.S. airlines for on-time performance. In 2022, around 66% of the flights departed on time, while less than 3% were canceled. How does Frontier Airlines compare to other airlines in terms of quality? Let’s talk about Delta Air Lines, a company known for its excellent performance. They managed to have 82% of their flights depart on time, which is quite impressive. Additionally, the number of flights that were canceled was less than 2%.

Fees and Cost

Frontier Airlines is known for its low airfare prices, but it’s important to mention that the airline also has additional fees. As we mentioned before, there will be an additional cost for handling the agents at the airport. You will need to pay extra for bringing a carry-on bag, selecting your seat, purchasing food, redeeming most rewards, checking in on the website, changing your flight, bringing a pet, and other additional services.

Unique Perks

While Frontier Airlines may not offer the most luxurious travel experience, it does have some noteworthy perks worth mentioning. One of its most notable features is the GoWild all-you-can-fly pass. With this pass, you can travel as much as you want for a fixed fee. People who are able to use the pass will likely have a positive opinion of Frontier Airlines, especially because the pass allows for international travel.

Frontier offers a special benefit called Discount Den. It’s an annual membership that lets you and up to eight companions enjoy discounted airfare. The annual cost is $60, and there is an additional $40 fee for the first year. Discount Den offers free flights for children on certain routes and flights.

Who Should Not Fly With Frontier Airlines?

Frontier Airlines may not be suitable for everyone. If you want full-service flights or the perks of elite status, like free upgrades to first class and access to lounges, you should search for other options.

If you tend to pack too much, you’ll have to pay for each piece of luggage, except for one small personal item. Even though having elite status allows you to have a free checked bag, you can only enjoy this benefit if you reach Frontier’s highest level of status, which is 100K. Even in that case, you will only receive one free checked bag.


In summary, Frontier Airlines offers a straightforward and budget-friendly travel experience within the U.S. While it provides simplicity in reservations and notable perks like the GoWild pass, potential passengers should be aware of additional fees for various services. The airline’s focus on low-cost travel may appeal to budget-conscious travelers, but those seeking premium services or elite status perks may find other options more suitable.

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