Is Copa Airlines Safe?


Is Copa Airlines Safe

Copa Airlines is a reliable and secure airline. Since 1947, it has only experienced two major accidents. One of them resulted in 47 deaths. However, besides this, there have been no instances of death or accidents in Copa’s history.

Additionally, this airline was the first to participate in the trials for the IATA COVID travel pass. It has also received a 4-star rating for its hygiene and safety standards during the pandemic. Copa Airlines is proven to be safe through its fleet and international certifications.

We all worry about the accidents we hear about on the news, so we want to make sure that airlines have good safety standards before we fly with them. If you’ve never flown with Copa Airlines before and you’re thinking of booking a flight, go ahead without any hesitation.

The product has a very good safety record and is certified by IATA. You can determine if Copa Airlines is safe to fly based on the following points.

What Are the Reasons Why Copa Airline is Safe?

Copa Airlines started operating in Panama City in 1947. Right now, it travels to more than 30 countries all around the world. Many travelers prefer the airline because its ticket prices are budget-friendly. Many new flyers are concerned about the safety of Copa Airlines due to its limited popularity and affordable prices.

Customers have positive things to say about the airline’s performance and safety. Please read the following information to evaluate the safety of Copa Airlines, including the reasons and methods used to ensure safety.

Advance and Safe Fleet

Copa Airlines has a fleet of 89 aircraft. The Boeing 737 MAX 9 is the newest addition to their fleet and has advanced technology. The main highlights of this are noise reduction, less jet lag, and improved fuel efficiency. Copa Airlines’ fleet has an average age of about 9.2 years.

The airline’s repairs and maintenance are done on time, which keeps the passengers and crew safe. The narrow shape of the aircraft can cause some discomfort for tall passengers and those on long flights. However, the safety of the aircraft is not compromised.

Copa is IATA Certified Airlines

The IATA, also known as the International Air Transport Association, conducts audits that are considered the standard in the aviation industry. Copa Airlines receives high marks for its operational safety and meets the organisation’s protocols.

IATA is an association that evaluates airline performance using different criteria such as manufacturing, assembling, crew risk management ability, maintenance, repairs, and more. They strive to be fair and impartial in their assessments. When an airline meets all the requirements, it receives a certification that confirms its safety for the next two years.

Safety Record of Copa Airlines

Copa Airlines has a very good safety record. Only a small number of airlines have the fewest accidents. Copa Airlines has only had one major accident in its almost 76-year history. This accident occurred in June 1992 and resulted in the tragic deaths of 40 passengers and 7 crew members due to a flight crash.

As a result, the airline has consistently taken necessary actions and adjusted strategies to prevent any similar accidents from happening again. It has successfully reached its goal and safely transported passengers to their desired destinations.

Well-Trained Staff and Crew

Having crew members who are trained can greatly decrease the likelihood of fatalities. Copa Airlines has always prioritized hiring and training staff who are skilled at handling critical situations, which are often the main causes of plane crashes and accidents.

Additionally, due to the emergence of COVID, staff performance is being recognized for adhering to appropriate behavior both locally and internationally in order to minimize the impact of the pandemic. This airline is the first to attempt getting a Travel Pass from IATA.

They want to use it to help stranded passengers travel back home or to other destinations during the COVID pandemic.

Is Copa Airlines FAA Certified?

The FAA has renewed COPA Airlines’ maintenance and repair station certificate after inspecting their facility in Panama. This information comes from Aviation Week.


Once we have discussed the key points, it becomes simple to determine whether Copa Airlines is safe or not. Customers have given positive reviews about the airlines’ overall performance and safety record.

What’s even better is that it has the fewest accidents, with only two. In the 1992 fatal crash, there were 47 deaths recorded. In addition, the airline has a very safe record and its current operations are also certified by IATA.


Is Copa Airlines safe?

Copa Airlines is a safe airline to fly with. It has received IATA certifications and has been rated as a 4-star airline for maintaining COVID protocols.

How old is Copa Airlines?

Copa Airlines was founded in 1947 and has been in operation for about 76 years.

When did Copa Flight 201 crash?

The Copa Airlines crash that killed many people happened on June 6, 1992.

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