Is Avianca Airlines Safe?


Is Avianca Airlines Safe

Avianca Airlines, which operates flights from Colombia, is considered a safe option for air travel. The safety record is also impressive. The airline has experienced around 8 major accidents and a few minor incidents. In addition, the airline has made significant strides in enhancing overall safety, resulting in a decrease in fatalities since the late 2000s.

The 1990 Flight 052 accident resulted in a tragic loss of 71 lives, including the five crew members. The investigation determined that the pilot and crew’s failure to promptly address and communicate the fuel shortage was a contributing factor. Undoubtedly, following the incident, concerns regarding the airline’s safety

Has seen a rise in popularity among individuals. You’ve probably come across the news and wondered about the safety of Avianca as an airline. Take a look at the following comprehensive analysis for all the answers you need.

About Avianca Airlines

Airline Legal NameAerovías del Continente Americano, S.A. AVIANCA
AddressAv Calle 26 No 59-15 Piso 6 Bogota, Colombia

Avianca Airlines began its operations in 1919 in Columbia. This airline is the largest and most prominent in the country. Throughout its history, it has experienced nearly 8 significant accidents. The most recent record was in 1999. This record is commendable, with an impressively low number of fatalities.

Avianca Airlines has acquired extensive expertise in managing unforeseen challenges, making it a reliable choice. Just a few days ago, on April 25th, their plane was struck by a bird, which caused an imbalance. Fortunately, the pilot and crew successfully managed the situation and executed a smooth landing. This story exemplifies the trustworthiness of Avianca Airlines. While there are other important points that need to be discussed to determine the safety of the airline.

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Avianca Airlines Fleet & Aircraft

Avianca Airlines operates a fleet of 189 aircraft, which includes both Airbus and Boeing series. There are a total of 113 Airbus A320 planes, making it the most common type of aircraft. The average age of the fleet is 8.6 years. It is relatively straightforward. With a presence in the industry, the airline is suitable for all age groups. The aircraft series are widely recognized, and modern planes are equipped with advanced technology to effectively manage the risks associated with flying.

Avianca Airlines is IATA Certified

Avianca Airlines is a certified airline by the International Air Transport Association. It meets international standards, which is why it has been recognized with IATA membership and certification.

This audit is conducted every two years to assess the current safety status of the airline. ICAO has a set of factors that are combined to ensure an airline’s safety certification. This guarantees that all airlines are evaluated using identical criteria, which can be beneficial for passengers by providing an impartial assessment.

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Star Alliance Member

Avianca Airlines’ safety standards are further enhanced by its partnership with the esteemed Star Alliance group, which adds a layer of stability. This group of airlines is among the largest in the world and establishes numerous standards for its members, guaranteeing a convenient and safe journey for passengers.

Avianca Airlines must also adhere to these standards, providing assurance that the airline will diligently follow the protocols to maintain its long-term membership in the alliance. However, this method is not completely reliable for assessing an airline’s safety. However, it definitely boosts optimism and confidence.

Experience and Safety Record

Lastly, it is crucial to consider Avianca Airlines’ perfect safety record when it comes to accidents and fatalities. Although it began in a time with fewer regulations on aircraft operation, management, and repair, the airline has achieved considerable success. While it may not be the top choice, it is certainly a strong contender.

With a rich history spanning over a century, this airline has gained valuable insights from its experiences, both positive and challenging. With a workforce of over 19,000 employees, this company successfully serves a staggering 29.4 million passengers. The annual number of passengers it serves is also a noteworthy indicator of Avianca Airlines’ safety.

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Is Avianca a safe airline? Absolutely, no doubt about it. Strict protocols are in place to ensure the safety and well-being of staff and crew members during flight landings. Avianca is rated as a 3-star airline. Perhaps the score is lower due to its quality. Nevertheless, customers have given Avianca Airlines positive feedback.


Is Avianca Airlines safe despite its accident history?

Avianca is considered safe, with around 8 major accidents, but a decreasing trend in fatalities since the late 2000s.

What safety improvements has Avianca made post the 1990 Flight 052 accident?

Avianca has implemented comprehensive safety measures and gained popularity for addressing concerns post the 1990 incident.

How did Avianca handle a recent bird strike incident, reflecting its reliability?

Avianca managed a recent bird strike incident effectively, showcasing reliability and staff capability in unforeseen challenges.

What makes Avianca’s fleet contribute to passenger safety?

Avianca’s modern fleet of 189 aircraft, including Airbus and Boeing series, ensures effective risk management and passenger safety.

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