How to Get Special Assistance on KLM Airlines?


How to Get Special Assistance From KLM Airlines

Are you in the process of planning your next trip and searching for an airline that places a high value on ensuring your comfort and convenience? Consider KLM Airlines, a well-known carrier that not only flies you to your desired destinations but also offers outstanding special assistance services for passengers with disabilities.

KLM Airlines provides comprehensive assistance for passengers with mobility challenges, visual or hearing impairments, or those who require additional support for a comfortable journey. Let’s explore KLM Airlines Special Assistance Services and how they ensure a smooth travel experience for all passengers.

Special Assistance Services available with KLM

KLM Airlines offers a variety of facilities and support systems to ensure that air travel is accessible and enjoyable for all passengers, regardless of their disability. Passengers can experience a sense of relief and freedom to explore the world with the enhanced and personalized care provided by KLM Airlines’ Special Assistance Services. In order to make flying with a disability more manageable, the airline has partnered with experts and is offering a range of helpful services including check-in, boarding assistance, dietary accommodations, personal support, wheelchair service, healthcare, and other medical services.

Why Are KLM Airlines Special Assistance Services Important?

KLM Airlines offers a range of specialized assistance services to accommodate passengers with various needs, including disabilities, infants, elderly travelers, vision impairments, medical conditions, hearing impairments, or autism spectrum. Throughout your entire travel experience, our dedicated team is here to provide personalized assistance, making sure your journey is stress-free from beginning to end. KLM Airlines Special Assistance Services guarantee a smooth and enjoyable journey with a personalized touch of outstanding service. The airline’s dedication to inclusivity is clear in the extensive accessibility features offered throughout the travel process, ensuring a smooth experience for passengers with disabilities.

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What Are the Special Assistance Services Offered by KLM?

The airline recognizes the importance of tailoring special assistance services to individual needs. KLM Airlines Special Assistance Services warmly welcomes passengers with disabilities from the moment they arrive at the airport, recognizing that every passenger’s needs are unique. The airline’s well-trained staff are always ready to provide assistance, ensuring a journey that is smooth and free of any hassles. The airline provides special assistance services to help passengers who require support with boarding, deplaning, and navigating the airport terminals. The airline goes above and beyond to provide a seamless travel experience for passengers who need special assistance. From pre-flight help to in-flight services, they make sure that these passengers feel confident and empowered every step of the way. Now, let’s delve into the Special Assistance Services provided by KLM.

  • Wheelchair Assistance
  • Elder and Pregnant Passenger Assistance
  • Infant Assistance
  • Unaccompanied Minors Assistance
  • Mobility Device Assistance
  • Hearing and Visual Impairments
  • Pet Assistance
  • Medical Assistance

Documentation Needed to Get KLM Special Assistance

Booking KLM Airlines Special Assistance Services ensures passengers a peaceful, comfortable, luxurious, and enjoyable journey. In order to receive the desired service, passengers are required to submit:

  • Latest Health Records
  • Medical certificates
  • Identification IDs
  • Tags (for pets)
  • Vaccination records (for pets)
  • Birth certificate (for unaccompanied minors)
  • Valid tickets
  • A letter confirming disability approved by the authority
  • Doctor’s letter (for pregnant passengers)

It’s important to keep in mind the timeframes for pre-booking special assistance services offered by KLM Airlines to ensure a smooth experience. Just a heads up, the airline doesn’t impose any additional charges for most special assistance services. However, it is important to note that the services are provided in a first-in, first-out (FIFO) manner. This means that you should contact KLM at least two to three days prior to your scheduled departure.

How Can I Book KLM Special Assistance Services?

Passengers are encouraged by KLM Airlines to communicate their needs to the cabin crew in order to receive the necessary assistance. The crew members go above and beyond to make sure your journey is as comfortable as possible, showing compassion and attentiveness. Did you know that we are currently discussing the benefits of KLM Special Assistance Services? We understand how important convenience is when it comes to booking special assistance services. How does the airline accommodate the diverse preferences of passengers when it comes to adding these services? How can we book special assistance services with KLM Airlines? Let’s explore these options to find out.

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Online Method

Booking special assistance services online is a fast and convenient option. Passengers can easily select their preferred special assistance services and provide necessary details during the online booking process, all without having to leave their ecosystem.

  • Accessing the KLM Airlines account is a breeze, whether you choose to do it through their website or their mobile app.
  • Passengers can easily find their way around the “Manage My Booking” section.
  • Please provide your booking information and choose your desired journey.
  • Simply scroll down to find and add the special assistance services that meet your specific requirements.
  • Include important documents like health certificates, ticket numbers, passenger names, disability types, and more.
  • Take a moment to go over the information before you submit the KLM Airlines Special Assistance Service form.

Offline Method

Passengers who prefer a more personalized approach or require additional assistance can take advantage of offline booking options. Customers can easily reach out to the KLM Airlines customer service team through phone or email to request special assistance services at their convenience.

  • Get in touch with the team by calling the customer service number.
  • Our customer service representatives are here to assist you throughout the booking process. They will kindly request that you provide the necessary information, including:
    • booking number, departure date, destination, departure airport, passenger name, type of service, disability type, medical certificate, and other required documents.
  • Documents can be easily shared and the necessary charges, including KLM Airlines Special Assistance Service fees, can be paid.
  • The agent will handle the form submission for you, and you will receive a confirmation email on your registered IDs.
  • Make sure to keep the confirmation ID in a secure place for future reference. Remember to contact the KLM Airlines customer service team as soon as you can to make any necessary arrangements.

KLM Airlines Special Assistance Cost

Traveling with special needs requires thorough preparation and an understanding of the accompanying fees. The airline provides excellent care for passengers who require KLM Airlines Special Assistance Service. Certain services are complimentary, while others may have minimal charges. Continue reading to learn about the fees associated with KLM Airlines Special Assistance Services, so you can make well-informed decisions and enjoy a hassle-free journey.

  • The airport offers complimentary wheelchair assistance, but the airline may charge for wheelchair rentals.
  • You can easily access medical oxygen on KLM Airlines flights for a fee.
  • Transporting your beloved pets may involve additional fees for KLM Airlines Special Assistance Service.
  • We provide complimentary personal assistance to elderly and pregnant passengers. The charges for choosing a seat with additional legroom can differ depending on factors such as the length of the flight, the class you’re traveling in, and the availability of such seats.
  • Certain assistance services provided to unaccompanied minors are available at no cost when scheduled in advance.
  • Passengers may be required to pay a maximum of USD 500 for KLM Airlines Special Assistance Service Charges, depending on the services they select and how they request them.


In conclusion, KLM Airlines excels in providing comprehensive and accessible Special Assistance Services. From wheelchair assistance to support for unaccompanied minors, KLM prioritizes passenger comfort and inclusivity. The booking process is user-friendly, offering both online and offline options. While certain services may have minimal charges, KLM’s commitment to providing many services free of cost reflects their dedication to passenger satisfaction. In choosing KLM, travelers ensure a reliable and caring travel experience, making it a top choice for those with diverse needs.

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