EVA Air Upgrade to Business Class


EVA Air Upgrade to Business Class

EVA Air Upgrade is a convenient service provided by EVA Air, allowing passengers to enjoy a higher class of service during their flight. You have the option to upgrade your ticket to a higher class, such as Premium Economy or Business Class. Upgrading your flight comes with a range of perks, such as roomier seats, improved entertainment, upgraded dining choices, and the ability to relax in airport lounges, among other advantages.

EVA Air provides various upgrade options based on seat availability and the fare class of the original ticket. Checking your eligibility for an upgrade is possible either online or through the airline’s customer service center. Experience a more comfortable and luxurious travel with an EVA Air Upgrade, without the need to buy a higher class ticket at full price (in most cases).

What Are the Types of Upgrades Available on Eva Air?

EVA Air provides a range of upgrade options to enhance your travel experience. The airline offers different options for upgrading, such as using miles, bidding for an upgrade, or paying with cash. Using your frequent flyer miles/points, you can easily upgrade to a higher class of service.

You can submit a bid for an upgrade, and EVA Air will consider the highest offer before awarding any available upgrades. Lastly, when you choose to upgrade with cash, you have the option to buy an upgrade at a set price. This can be done conveniently either online or at the airport.

Awards Ticket Upgrade

  • You can only request upgrade awards on qualified revenue class tickets, such as:
    • Standard Premium Economy tickets (L and T) 
    • Up fare Premium Economy tickets (K) 
    • Standard Economy tickets (M, H, and Q) 
    • Up fare Economy tickets (Y and B) 
  • You need to ensure that you have a sufficient amount of award miles or electronic upgrade certificates that are valid on the date of departure and were earned using the same account number.
  • Requesting an upgrade award at the airport check-in counter is not permitted.
  • You can easily request award upgrades either online through EVA Air’s website or by contacting their reservation office. To request an upgrade, please reach out to the EVA Air reservation office if your ticket was issued by a travel agent or a third party.
  • If you decide to cancel an upgraded booking before your trip, your Miles or Upgrade Certificate will be automatically returned to your account. If you cancel your reservation after the departure date, it may take 3 – 5 days for the re-deposit to be processed.
  • If you’re buying a ticket and booking an upgrade award, make sure to print the original ticketing class category.
  • Upgrade award bookings are applicable for EVA Air and UNI Air routes (international) with BR or B7 numbered flights, excluding chartered flights and certain codeshare routes with partner airlines.
  • You can upgrade your Economy Y, B, M, H, and Q tickets to Royal Laurel/Premium Laurel/Business class by deducting the miles. Upgrade Certificates can only be used to move up to the next higher class.
  • There may be limitations on upgrades for certain flights and/or at certain times, despite the availability of paid seats.
  • All tickets must adhere to the upgrade rules when presented at the check-in desk. If they don’t, you might be required to purchase another ticket, cover the fare difference between the two tickets, or check in according to your fare class.
  • When upgrading an infant ticket, you will need to pay the fare difference.
  • All applicable taxes and surcharges for any upgrade award must be paid by you.
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer your miles to other partner airlines.

EVA Bid Upgrades

  • If you meet the requirements, you will receive a bidding invitation from [email protected] one week before your flight’s departure. Another option is to go to EVABidDeal and click on the I am interested link. This will allow you to easily check your upgrade eligibility and submit an offer at a price that suits you.
  • Please ensure that you submit your offer at least 50 hours prior to your flight’s departure.
    • You have been notified that your bid was successful.
    • We will charge your card with the amount you bid.
    • Opted for a higher cabin with increased space, improved cuisine, and enhanced service.

What Are the Benefits of Upgrading With Eva Air?

When you upgrade on EVA Air, you’ll enjoy a range of benefits that will make your journey even more enjoyable. You’ll have access to a variety of comfortable seating options, receive enhanced in-flight services, and enjoy an increased baggage allowance.

When you choose to upgrade to Premium Economy, Business Class, or First Class, you’ll be treated to seats that offer plenty of space and extra legroom. You’ll also have the luxury of adjustable headrests and personal entertainment systems with larger screens. You will also enjoy the convenience of priority check-in and boarding, along with dedicated lounges for your relaxation before your flight.

After the upgrade, you’ll have the opportunity to savor delicious meals and beverages on your flight, along with additional perks like noise-canceling headphones and amenity kits.

How does EVA Air Premium Economy upgrade work?

Here are a few benefits of upgrading to Premium Economy:

  • A peaceful and private cabin location.
  • Seats that are wider than usual, with footrests designed for comfort and improved reclining capabilities.
  • Long-haul flights offer enhanced comfort, superior meals, and special amenity kits.
  • Enjoy dedicated check-in counters at select airports and the convenience of priority boarding privileges.

How does EVA Air’s Business Class upgrade work?

EVA Air provides a reverse-herringbone configuration, ensuring that each Business Class seat has convenient access to the aisle. Every seat has the ability to recline into a completely flat bed. In addition, the Business Class is divided into 2 cabins, with the forward cabins being slightly larger. However, the layout and seats in both cabins are identical.

There are several benefits to upgrading to Business Class, also known as Premium Laurel Class:

  • More spacious and fully-reclaimable seats
  • Top-of-the-range inflight dining and wine selection
  • Special amenities
  • Rapid check-in counters
  • Complimentary lounge access
  • Expedited baggage loading and unloading

EVA Air Bid Upgrade

EVA Air’s Bid Upgrade program (EVABidDeal) offers a convenient opportunity to enjoy a higher class of service without the need to pay the entire fare difference. If your bid is accepted, you’ll be able to enjoy the upgraded seat and all the extra perks that come with it, whether you choose Premium Economy or Business Class.

You will receive an email notification if you are eligible to participate in the Bid Upgrade program, which is offered on select flights. To check your eligibility online through EVABidDeal, simply click on the “I am interested” link and submit an offer. Make sure to submit your bid (or make changes/cancellations) at least 50 hours prior to your flight departure.

How Eva Air’s Bid Upgrades Work?

  • Check Your Eligibility: To find out if you are eligible for an upgrade, please provide your booking details on this page. Upgrades are available on select routes only.
  • Place your Upgrade Bid: When bidding, it’s important to select and modify your bidding price according to the power of your bid. Once your bid is accepted, your card will be charged for the bid amount. You can expect to receive a confirmation email 1 – 2 days prior to your departure.
  • Enjoy Benefits of the Upgrade: Once your upgrade is confirmed, you’ll have the opportunity to experience the perks of traveling in the upgraded class of service you selected (Premium Economy or Business Class).

EVA Air Mileage Upgrade

EVA Air’s Mileage Upgrade program offers passengers the opportunity to experience the perks of Premium Economy or Business Class travel at a more affordable rate. Passengers can use their accumulated mileage points to upgrade their seats on flights operated by EVA Air and UNI Air.

In order to qualify for an upgrade, passengers need to have bought a ticket in either Economy or Premium Economy Class, specifically with the flight number BR or B7. Please note that this does not apply to chartered flights or certain codeshare routes with partner airlines. In addition, it’s important to ensure that you have accumulated sufficient miles or mileage points to offset the expense of the upgrade.

Passengers have the option to request an upgrade either online or by phone, at least 24 hours prior to their flight’s departure time. If an upgrade is available, they will receive confirmation through email.

Here are some important points to keep in mind when requesting an EVA Air mileage upgrade:

  • Mileage upgrades are available for specific types of tickets, including revenue-purchased Standard Economy fare tickets (M/H/Q), Up fare Economy tickets (Y/B), Standard Premium Economy tickets (L/T), and Up fare Premium Economy tickets (K).
  • Make sure your award miles and electronic upgrade certificates are valid for the day of your travel.
  • To request a mileage upgrade, please make sure to do so online or through one of EVA Air’s reservation offices. Kindly note that this cannot be done at the airport check-in desk.
  • Your upgrade requests (miles or upgrade certificates) that are canceled before your departure will be automatically returned to your account. On the other hand, if you decide to cancel your booking after you’ve already left, it may take 3 to 5 days for the re-deposit to be processed.
  • If you decide to upgrade, please remember to bring a printed copy of your original ticketing class category.
  • If you’re using an Electronic Upgrade Certificate, you can only upgrade to the next higher class.
  • There are upgrades available for certain flights and tickets.
  • Payment of the fare difference is required when upgrading an infant ticket.
  • You are responsible for paying any applicable taxes and surcharges.
  • Unfortunately, it is not possible to transfer your miles to partner airlines.

EVA Air Paid Upgrade

EVA Air offers a Paid Upgrade program that enables passengers to enhance their seat selection on eligible flights for an extra fee. You can easily check your eligibility for the program either through the airline’s website or at the airport check-in counter. If you meet the requirements, you have the option to select from a variety of upgrade choices. These include upgrading from Economy to Premium Economy/Business or from Premium Economy to Business Class.

The cost of the upgrade will vary depending on your flight and route, along with the availability of seats in the higher classes. Opting for EVA Air’s Paid Upgrade program ensures a more comfortable and luxurious experience on your flight. However, please note that the final price, whether it is the full price or a discounted price, cannot be guaranteed.

EVA Air Free Upgrade

If you want to get a complimentary upgrade on EVA Air, you might want to think about joining the airline’s loyalty program, Infinity MileageLands. This program provides a range of advantages and perks for frequent flyers, such as the opportunity to earn complimentary upgrades.

In addition, you could consider requesting an upgrade either at check-in or at the gate. If the flight is not fully booked and there are seats available in higher classes, the airline might provide a free upgrade to certain passengers.

Another option is to dress nicely and communicate politely with the airline staff. Occasionally, they may offer upgrades as a kind gesture. If you’re looking to increase your chances of getting free upgrades on EVA Air, these strategies may be helpful.


In conclusion, EVA Air’s Upgrade Class offers passengers convenient options like Mileage Upgrade, Bid Upgrade, Paid Upgrade, and the possibility of Free Upgrades through loyalty or polite inquiry. These choices cater to diverse preferences, providing a more comfortable and luxurious travel experience with benefits like spacious seating, enhanced services, and priority privileges. Whether using miles, bidding, paying extra, or exploring complimentary upgrades, passengers can enjoy an elevated journey with EVA Air.

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