Delta Airlines LAX Terminal, Benefits, Services, Gates and Lounge


Delta Airlines LAX Terminal

Delta Air Lines is a well-known airline that many passengers like because it has a large network and offers high-quality travel services. This makes it a convenient option for passengers.

If we discuss which terminal Delta is at in LAX, it’s important for passengers to have access to up-to-date information about the airline, its operations, and the facilities available at the terminal. This helps ensure a pleasant and hassle-free experience, reducing the chances of delays and disruptions.

Delta Air Lines operates its arrivals and departures from Terminal TB,3 – Tom Bradley International Terminal at the Los Angeles International Airport. They serve passengers with both non-stop and connecting flights to many different destinations.

However, Delta Air has code-share agreements with other major airlines. This means that passengers don’t need to worry because the code-share flights are not operated by Delta, but by its partner airlines.

We have highlighted a few important things about Delta LAX Airport Terminal in our content. This will give you a comprehensive guide on what to expect from the airlines at this terminal located in LAX. It offers convenience and easy navigation.

Which terminal is Delta Arrivals located in at LAX?

Delta Air Lines efficiently manages its arrivals at Terminal TB, 3 – Tom Bradley International Terminal at LAX. The first one deals with domestic arrivals, while the second one mainly handles international arrivals. In addition, both terminals cater to the specific needs of passengers at the airport.

The arrivals terminal has many modern facilities to make sure passengers have a great time before their flights. There are many services available at the airport, such as food and dining options, shopping malls, transportation between terminals, accommodations, and hotels.

Which terminal is Delta Departures located in at LAX?

Delta Air Lines operates its departures from Terminal 3 at LAX. This terminal is modern and has all the necessary facilities to meet the needs of passengers on a daily basis. At the departures terminal, there are multiple Delta check-in counters and security screening counters. Passengers must go through these counters to board their flights with Delta Airlines.

The departures terminal has many different services available. These include banking services, efficient baggage handling, airport lounges, and ticket counters for making reservations, cancellations, and upgrades. There are also many other amenities to enjoy.

Major Services Provided at Delta LAX terminal

The Delta Terminal at LAX is a well-designed terminal. It has plenty of seats and quiet areas. Here are some of the services offered:

ATMs and Banks Quiet Areas Retail Stores
Nursing Rooms Business Centre
Check-in Counters
Baggage Drop-Off Bars and Lounges
Charging Stations
Currency Exchange Free Internet Access
Information Counters
Wheelchair Assistance Baggage Claim Area
Children’s Play Area
Lost and Found Desk Ground Transportation
Luggage Storage

How to Operate Delta LAX Airport Terminal?

If you want to find out which terminal Delta is at LAX and how it works there, it’s helpful to have some knowledge about the terminals. Delta Air Lines operates its arrivals at Terminal TB or Terminal 3 at LAX. It leaves from Terminal 3 at LAX airport.

Airport Los Angeles International Airport
Official LAX website
Airlines Delta Airlines
Official Delta website
LAX Airport Address 1 World Way, Los Angeles, CA 90045, USA
Delta Arrivals LAX Airport Terminal Terminal 3 and Terminal TB
LAX Delta Departures Airport Terminal Terminal 3
Status Operational
Type Public
City Los Angeles
Country United States
Airport Contact Number Click Here

What are the levels at Delta Airlines LAX Terminal?

Delta Air Lines uses two terminals at Los Angeles International Airport. Here is a breakdown of the levels for each terminal:

Terminal TB (Tom Bradley International Airport)

Terminal Tom Bradley International Airport, also known as TB International Airport, has a total of five levels. These levels include two mezzanine levels. Here is a breakdown of the levels:

  • Level 1: Terminal Tom Bradley International Airport, also known as TB International Airport, has a total of five levels. These levels include two mezzanine levels. Here is a breakdown of the levels:
  • Level 3: Level two is the ticket level for passengers. It is responsible for handling reservations and helping passengers with any questions they have.
  • Level 4: Level four is where you’ll find the departure area, and it has a special spot for TSA precheck. In addition, this level has boarding gates numbered from 101 to 159.
  • Level 5 & 6: Passengers can get to the airline lounges from both of these levels, but only if they are qualified.

Terminal 3

Terminal 3 is made up of two levels. Here are the details:

Arrivals Level: The arrivals level is where passengers who have just arrived go. They can pick up their luggage and find transportation options like shuttle service, bus service, and car rentals.

Departures Level: The departures level is where departing passengers go. Here, you can find things like TSA Precheck and access to boarding gates 30 to 139.

Delta LAX Airport Terminal Gate Details

The Delta LAX Terminal has a total of eleven (11) gates. Delta passengers can find out which gate to go to by checking their boarding passes or asking an airline representative. Here are the concourses:

Concourse A: The Gates 31B, 32, 33A, 33B.
Concourse B: The Gates 34, 35, 35P, 36
Concourse C: The Gates 37A, 37B, 38

What facilities are available at the Delta LAX Airport Terminal?

What facilities are available at the Delta LAX Airport Terminal

Delta Air Lines at LAX airport offers passengers a range of services and amenities to make their experience better and make the pre-boarding process easier. The facilities at the Delta LAX Terminal include:

Security Checkpoint

At TBIT or 3 Terminal, there are security checkpoints where passengers must go through standard security procedures before entering the departure area.

Check-In Counters

Delta Airlines has check-in counters in Terminal 3 and TB Terminal. Passengers can use these counters to complete the check-in process, drop off their baggage, and receive their boarding passes.

Delta Sky Club lounge

Delta has a lounge called Delta Sky Club in Terminal TB, 3. It’s a nice place for eligible passengers to relax, work, and get free refreshments. The lounge usually has things like Wi-Fi, places to charge your devices, different seating options, and a variety of food and drinks.

Immigration and Customs Clearance

TBIT has specific areas for immigration and customs clearance. When passengers arrive on international flights, they will go through immigration. During this process, their passports and entry documents will be checked.

Gate Area

TBIT has large gate areas with plenty of seating, charging stations, and displays showing flight information. Passengers can enjoy a relaxing wait for their flights while staying updated on departure times, gate changes, and other important information.

Duty Free Shops

You can find duty-free shops in the international departures area. They have tax-free goods like alcohol, tobacco, perfume, and luxury items.


The terminals at LAX have different ways for you to get around on the ground. You can choose from taxis, ride-sharing services, rental cars, shuttles, and public transportation connections.

Lost and Found Office

The airport has Lost and Found offices to help passengers find their lost items or report lost baggage.

What are the lounges at Delta Terminal in LAX Airport?

What are the lounges at Delta Terminal in LAX Airport

At the Delta Air Lines arrivals and departures terminal, there are multiple airline lounges available. These lounges provide special services to passengers, including refreshments, workstations, shower facilities, and more. Here are the lounges:

At Terminal 3

  • Delta Air Lines Delta Sky Club

At Terminal TB

  • The Emirates Lounge
  • The Centurion Lounge
  • Korean Air KAL Lounge
  • Star Alliance First Class Lounge
  • Los Angeles International Lounge
  • One world International Business Lounge
  • Air New Zealand Elite Priority One Lounge
  • Qantas Airways International First Lounge
  • Etihad Airways First & Business Class Lounge

Check-in at Delta Terminal LAX

To check in at the Delta Terminal at LAX, you can follow these simple steps:

Check Flight Information

Please provide the terminal and gate number for your Delta flight. You can find this information on your flight itinerary and boarding pass. Alternatively, you can also use the Delta Airlines mobile app or website to check it.

Arrive At Terminal

Make sure to arrive at the airport early enough before your flight takes off. To make things easier, it’s a good idea to look at Delta’s guidelines for check-in times. These guidelines will vary depending on where you’re going and the type of flight you have.

Baggage Check

If you have luggage that needs to be checked, go to the Delta Airlines check-in counters in the specific area of the terminal. Delta typically has different counters for each flight class or self-service kiosks where you can drop off your baggage.

Counter Check-In

To check in, go to the Delta counters. Make sure to bring your valid ID and either your flight itinerary or booking reference. The airline staff will help you with the check-in process, give you your boarding pass, and take care of any checked baggage.

Self Kiosks Check-In

Delta offers self-service kiosks that allow you to check in by either scanning your passport or entering your confirmation number. The kiosk will make your boarding pass. You can print it or have it sent to your phone.

Mobile Check-In

You can also use the Delta Airlines mobile app to check in. Once you have logged in, go to the “Check-In” section and input your booking information. The app will create your boarding pass, and you can save it on your phone.

Once you have your boarding pass, go to the security screening area. Make sure you have all the necessary identification and travel documents easily accessible. After you pass through security, look for signs or ask airport staff to help you find the right gate for your flight.


In conclusion, Delta Air Lines operates efficiently at Los Angeles International Airport (LAX), managing arrivals at Terminal TB and departures at Terminal 3. These terminals offer a range of services, including lounges, check-in counters, and amenities for a convenient and comfortable travel experience. Passengers can expect modern facilities, efficient operations, and a well-designed layout at the Delta LAX Terminal.

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