Avelo Airlines Special Assistance


Avelo Airlines Special Assistance is a service designed to ensure all passengers have a comfortable and safe flight, regardless of their individual needs. They offer a range of services to cater to passengers with disabilities, medical conditions, or those requiring extra assistance.

Here are some key points about Avelo Airlines Special Assistance:

Services offered

  • Wheelchair assistance: Avelo provides wheelchair assistance both at the airport and onboard the aircraft. They can help with boarding, deplaning, and navigating throughout the airport. You can notify them about your wheelchair needs at the time of booking or by contacting customer support beforehand.
  • Visually impaired assistance: Avelo offers assistance for passengers with visual impairments, such as guiding them to their seats, reading boarding passes, and describing their surroundings.
  • Hearing impaired assistance: For passengers with hearing impairments, Avelo can provide written instructions or use sign language interpreters upon request.
  • Other medical assistance: If you have any medical conditions or require specific assistance, Avelo encourages you to inform them in advance so they can make the necessary arrangements. This could include oxygen supplies, medication storage, or assistance with boarding due to mobility limitations.

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How to Get Avelo Special Assistance?

There are three main ways to request Avelo Special Assistance:

While Booking Flight

  • Online: During the booking process on the Avelo website or mobile app, you’ll see an “Add-ons” page. Here, you can select “Wheelchair Assistance” and/or “Special Assistance” to indicate your needs.
  • By phone: If you prefer to book your flight over the phone, you can simply tell the Avelo representative about your special assistance needs.

After Booking Flight

  • Online: If you’ve already booked your flight but need to request special assistance later, you can manage your reservation on the Avelo website. Click on the “Change/Cancel” link, then select “Add-ons.” From there, you can choose “Wheelchair Assistance” and/or “Special Assistance” and save the changes to your reservation.
  • By phone: You can also call Avelo Customer Support to add special assistance to your existing reservation.

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At Airport

If you haven’t requested special assistance in advance, you can still do so at the airport. Avelo staff are available at check-in counters and gates to assist you.


In conclusion, Avelo Airlines Special Assistance ensures a comfortable and safe flying experience for all passengers. Offering services like wheelchair assistance, support for visually and hearing-impaired individuals, and accommodations for medical conditions, Avelo prioritizes inclusivity. Travelers can easily request assistance during booking, manage reservations online or by phone, and even at the airport. Avelo’s commitment to accessibility sets a positive standard in the aviation industry, making every journey a pleasant and accommodating experience for all.

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