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American Airlines Passenger Charged Almost $40k: Check Out What Did Cayla Farris Do?


A passenger named Cayla Farris, who is 29 years old, has been told to pay $440,000 to American Airlines. This is because she caused trouble on the flight and threatened the crew members. Supposedly, the incident happened in 2022 on a flight from Phoenix to Honolulu.

According to the authorities, the crew was unable to carry out their duties. As a result, Cayla Farris was sentenced to 3.6 months in prison and fined. American Airlines has also made a statement, stating that the incident occurred on February 13, 2022.

It was also mentioned that Cayla Farris caused a disturbance on the flight by using bad language and threatening the flight crew. As a result, the captain had to turn the plane around and go back to Phoenix. This caused a lot of trouble for other flights too.

Statement released by American Airlines read:

“During the flight, Farris used profanity and threatened the flight crew and passengers onboard. As a result of her behaviour, the flight crew was unable to continue their duties. The captain ultimately decided to turn the plane back to Phoenix. For passengers on board, this disturbance caused several flights to be re-routed to Hawaii.”

Cayla Farris pleaded guilty in September and was sentenced to jail time. In addition, she was also given three years of supervised probation.

Cayla Farris is not the first violent traveller to be punished: Past passenger misbehaviour examined

Cayla Farris is the latest passenger to be arrested and fined for causing trouble on a flight. This is not the first time such incidents have occurred. Last year, there was a similar incident involving an American Airlines flight. The flight had to be diverted because a passenger released pepper spray on board.

Supposedly, there was an incident on a flight to New York where a spray was released in the entire cabin. As a result, the flight had to turn back to Jacksonville, Florida. The passenger was asked to leave the flight and was given a fine for their actions. At the time, American Airlines also made a statement to inform everyone about the incident.

In addition, there was another incident like Cayla Farris’ in 2022. A passenger was arrested for breaking into the cockpit and attempting to damage the captain’s controls. Supposedly, when the pilot attempted to stop him, he tried to jump out of the cockpit window. This led the pilot to decide to change the flight’s course.

Next, there was another incident involving a woman named Tiffany Gomas. She caused a disturbance on the flight by making a scene and pointing towards the back of the plane. She claimed to have seen someone who appeared unreal to her. She kept shouting “That motherf***er is not real” over and over again, and eventually, she was asked to leave the flight.

Like Cayla Farris, she was also fined and charged for her unruly behavior.

Flight attendants often find it challenging to handle passengers who have consumed excessive amounts of alcohol. We don’t know if Farris drank alcohol, which could have influenced her behavior.

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