Alaska Airlines Wheelchair Assistance


Alaska Airlines Wheelchair Assistance

Rest insured, if you require wheelchair assistance at the airport, there’s no need to worry! Assistance is readily available from every airline, as long as you are familiar with the procedure. Here’s a breakdown of the information, organized by airline.

Looking for a Wheelchair From Alaska Airlines

Every airport provides wheelchairs and wheelchair escorts for customer convenience. Certain airports offer electric carts that customers can use.

Curbside skycap service is not available at most airport locations in Alaska. If you require wheelchair assistance, kindly have a companion inform an Alaska Airlines representative at the airport of your arrival. The airline recommends arriving at the airport at least 2 hours before your scheduled departure. At certain airports, you may be directed to a designated meeting area where someone will be called to assist you.

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How to Req. Wheelchair At Alaska Airlines?

Alaska Airlines prioritizes making your travel smooth and accessible if you require wheelchair assistance. Here are three ways to request one:

While Booking Flight

  • Online: When booking your flight on the Alaska Airlines website, look for the “Special Assistance” section during the booking process. There, you can select “Wheelchair Assistance” and specify your needs, such as type of wheelchair and any assistance required within the airport or on the aircraft.
  • Phone: You can also call Alaska Airlines Reservations customer care and inform the agent you require wheelchair assistance during booking. They will guide you through the process and make the necessary arrangements.

After Booking Flight

  • Website: If you already booked your flight but forgot to request wheelchair assistance, you can manage your reservation online via the “My Trips” section. Locate your specific flight and under “Special Assistance,” choose “Wheelchair Assistance.”
  • Dedicated Accessible Services Line: Alternatively, call the dedicated Accessible Services Line inform them of your need for wheelchair assistance. They will update your reservation and ensure arrangements are made.

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Additional Tips

  • Early booking: Requesting wheelchair assistance well in advance (even at the time of booking) ensures smooth availability and allows additional time for any specific arrangements needed.
  • Airport arrival: Alaska Airlines suggests arriving at the airport at least 2 hours before your departure, especially if requiring assistance within the airport.
  • Communication: Don’t hesitate to inform customer service agents at check-in, boarding areas, and on the aircraft about any special requirements or concerns you may have regarding your wheelchair assistance.


In conclusion, Alaska Airlines offers wheelchair assistance at airports for customer convenience. You can request it while booking online or by phone. If you forget, you can manage your reservation online or call their Accessible Services Line. Arriving early at the airport is advised, and don’t hesitate to communicate your needs with customer service agents. Alaska Airlines is committed to providing a smooth and accessible travel experience.

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