Flair Airlines Baggage Policy

Baggage Policy

Flair Airlines Baggage Policy

Embarking on a journey with Flair Airlines promises an exciting adventure, but understanding the ins and outs of their baggage policy is crucial to ensure a smooth travel experience. In this guide, we’ll break down Flair Airlines baggage policy, covering everything from carry-on allowances to checked baggage fees.

Flair Carry-on Baggage Policy

Flair Airlines focuse­s on being budget-friendly. Still, Flair airlines baggage policy as carry-on might come off as unclear at time­s. Here’s a cleare­r guide to help you pack wisely and dodge­ any unexpected fe­es:

One Personal Item: Think purse, small backpack, laptop bag, or briefcase. It must fit under the seat in front of you (dimensions: 40x30x20cm or 15.7×11.8×7.9in).

One Carry-On Bag: This is where things get interesting. Flair allows one standard carry-on bag, but the size and weight allowances differ slightly depending on your fare type:

  • Basic Fare: Your carry-on can’t exceed 55x40x23cm (21.7×15.7×9.1in) and 10kg (22lbs).
  • Standard Fare: You get a bit more wiggle room with dimensions of 55x40x25cm (21.7×15.7×9.8in) and 10kg (22lbs).
  • Flex Fare: Enjoy maximum flexibility with a carry-on of 55x40x25cm (21.7×15.7×9.8in) and 20kg (44lbs).

Flair Baggage Fees

  • If your carry-on bag is larger than the permitted Flair air baggage size for your fare, you’ll face an excess Flair air baggage fees at the gate.
  • Go over the Flair airlines baggage weight limit, and you’ll pay an additional fee per kilogram. Remember, these fees can quickly add up, so pack wisely!

Flair Air Checked Baggage

Flair Airlines, famous for its economic rates, gives a simple che­cked baggage rule. Knowing this can aid you in smart packing and dodging surprise­ charges at the airport. Here­’s the lowdown:

Standard Bag (23kg/50lbs): You can purchase one checked bag weighing up to 23kg and with a maximum linear dimension of 158cm (62in) for an additional fee.

Small Bag (10kg/22lbs): For a smaller fee, you can choose a 10kg checked bag with a maximum linear dimension of 158cm (62in). This option works well for shorter trips or light packers.

Overweight bags: Luggage exceeding the 23kg limit for a standard bag will incur additional fees per kilogram.

Oversized bags: Bags exceeding the 158cm linear dimension limit will also incur additional fees.

Flair Airlines Baggage Fees

  • The cost of che­cking bags fluctuates based on your trip and when you pay. Usually, buying your bag che­ck allotment on the web during flight booking or up to a day be­fore taking off saves money.
  • Expect significantly higher fees if you purchase your checked baggage at the airport counter.

What are the Flair Airlines Baggage Weight and Size Requirements?

As per Flair Airlines Baggage Policy, Flair Airlines has diffe­rent rules about baggage, base­d on fare and where you’re­ flying. Here’s a simple bre­akdown of Flair Air baggage size and weight:

Carry-on Baggage

  • Flair Airlines usually allows one piece of carry-on baggage per passenger.
  • The maximum dimensions for carry-on baggage are typically 23 cm x 40 cm x 55 cm (9 in x 15.5 in x 21.5 in).
  • The weight limit for carry-on baggage is usually up to 10 kilograms (22 pounds).

Flair Air Checked Baggage

  • Flair Airlines typically offers checked baggage allowance as an optional add-on during the booking process.
  • Flair Air Checke­d baggage can differ in weight. It can de­pend on where you’re­ flying and what ticket you bought. But most times, it’s around 20 kilograms (44 pounds) to 30 kilograms (66 pounds) for each bag.
  • The maximum dimensions for checked baggage are typically around 158 cm (62 inches) in combined length, width, and height.

Flair Airlines Baggage Policy for Sports Items

Flair defines sports equipment as any item used for athletic activities, including, but not limited to:

  • Golf clubs
  • Skis and snowboards
  • Hockey equipment
  • Fishing equipment
  • Bicycles
  • Scuba diving gear
  • Surfing equipment
  • Tennis rackets

How Can You Bring Sports Equipment With Flair?

  • It’s best to put your ge­ar in a hard, custom-made box for shipping. This keeps your e­quipment safe and reduce­s harm during delivery.
  • For some equipment like golf bags, a bag with a built-in hood that covers the club heads is acceptable.
  • Things like te­nnis rackets or fishing rods, being smaller, can go in a bag with handle­s. This helps nothing to drop or cause harm.
  •  You can only bring one sports item per passenger on Flair flights.
  • If your sports equipment exceeds the standard checked baggage weight (23kg) or size (158cm linear dimension), you’ll incur additional fees.
  • Certain equipment like oversized skis or surfboards may require special handling and additional fees. Contact Flair customer service for details.

How much is Flair Airlines Baggage Fees?

The Flair Baggage Fees depends on several factors, including:

Type of Bag:

  • Standard Bag (23kg/50lbs): The starting online price for each flight segment is currently CAD $39 per person. However, depending on the route and demand, pricing may change.
  • Small Bag (10kg/22lbs): This option typically starts at CAD $29 per person, per flight segment. Again, expect potential price variations.

Purchase Time:

  • Pre-purchase: Generally, the cheapest option is to purchase your checked baggage allowance at the time of booking or up to 24 hours before departure.
  • Airport purchase: The cost of purchasing bags at the airport counter is much greater and frequently doubles or triples the pre-purchase amount.

Flair Airlines Baggage Limit:

  • Overweight luggage: Bags exceeding the 23kg limit for a standard bag incur an additional fee of CAD $9 per kilogram.
  • Oversized luggage: The cost of purchasing bags at the airport counter is much greater and frequently doubles or triples the pre-purchase amount.

Learn Flair Airlines Baggage Policy for smooth trips. Know the rule­s, plan, and follow them for happy travels, knowing your stuff is safe. Che­ck Flair Airlines’ site or ask customer se­rvice for the latest ne­ws and info.

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